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Platform Holly / Venoco, LLC Bankruptcy

The public may access the bankruptcy filings for Venoco through  Prime Clerk. In April 2017, Venoco quitclaimed its interests in the South Ellwood Field leases, including Platform Holly and the Ellwood Beach pier leases near the City of Goleta. The quitclaim ends...

Crude oil release in Goleta

The San Diego Ocean Planning Partnership has released an interactive, user-friendly Web Mapping Application that is designed to help users better understand the dynamic ocean space and ocean-related data offshore San Diego County.

Public Notice – Goleta, CA

Over the next month, the two wells at Haskell Beach in Santa Barbara will be readied for the final stages of abandonment. On Monday, April 8, work will begin. We ask for the public’s understanding and patience while the work progresses. There will be intermittent...