Recently Enacted Legislation

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The Legislative Affairs Office provides the Commission with legislative strategies to advance the Commission’s management of public trust lands and resources. The Legislative Affairs Office also provides expert policy advice to the Administration and the Legislature on policy and fiscal implications of public land and resource management-related legislation. Additionally, the Legislative Affairs Office articulates the Commission’s position on legislation proposed by the state Legislature and Congress and represents the Commission at Committee hearings.

Below is a list of legislation enacted in 2018 that directly impacts the Commission.

Chapter 250, Statutes of 2018 (AB 1759, McCarty): Public trust lands: City of Sacramento.
This bill grants in trust to the City of Sacramento title to parcels of land associated with the Sacramento Downtown Railyards Title Settlement and Land Exchange Agreement. It also repeals two legislative grants of tide and submerged land made to the City of Sacramento in the 1970s.

Chapter 192, Statutes of 2018 (AB 2646, Gonzalez-Fletcher): The San Diego Unified Port District: trust lands.
This bill grants the San Diego Unified Port District land in the city of Chula Vista that the Commission acquired in a 2010 land exchange. The grant would be subject to the terms and conditions in the Port’s existing statutory trust grant and
the common law Public Trust Doctrine.

Chapter 742, Statutes of 2018 (SB 1493, Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water): Public Resources.
This bill repeals an obsolete land grant to the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, clarifies the process by which the Commission submits reports to the Legislature, modernizes the Marine Invasive Species Act to reflect current biofouling management practices, and makes other non-substantive changes to the Commission’s governing statutes.

Below is a list of legislation enacted in 2017 that directly impacts the Commission.

Chapter 535, Statutes of 2017 (SB 50, Allen): Federal public lands: conveyances.
This bill establishes a policy of the state to discourage conveyances of federal public lands in California from the federal government. The bill specifies that these conveyances are void ab initio unless the State Lands Commission was provided with the right of first refusal or the right to arrange for the transfer of the federal public land to another entity.

Chapter 645, Statutes of 2017 (SB 44, Jackson): State lands: coastal hazard and legacy oil and gas well removal and remediation program.
This bill will require the State Lands Commission to, within 2 years, administer a coastal hazard and legacy oil and gas well removal and remediation program. The bill authorizes the Commission to seek and accept on behalf of the state any gift, bequest, devise, or donation whenever the gift and the terms and conditions thereof will aid in actions undertaken to administer that program.

Chapter 521, Statutes of 2017 (SB 809, Committee on Natural Resources and Water): Natural resources.
This bill authorizes the Commission to make a conveyance of a tract of land that does not exceed 10 acres, belonging to the state and covered by navigable waters, for the site of a lighthouse, beacon, or other navigation aid.

The second half of the 2015-16 State legislative session resulted in four pieces of chaptered legislation directly impacting the Commission. The following summaries provide an update on these new laws, which will take effect on January 1, 2017 unless otherwise stated.

Chapter 368, Statutes of 2016 (SB 859, Senate Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review): Public resources: greenhouse gas emissions and biomass.
This bill amends Public Resources Code section 6009.1 regarding the duties and responsibilities of grantees of Public Trust lands. SB 859 adds a new finding that a trustee of Public Trust lands may bring any action related to its granted lands, including an action to abate a public nuisance, as a representative of trust beneficiaries.

Chapter 529, Statutes of 2016 (AB 2797, Chiu): City and County of San Francisco: Mission Bay South Project: redevelopment plan.
This bill authorizes the Port of San Francisco to loan Public Trust revenues to the city of San Francisco to fund infrastructure associated with the development, if the Commission approves the loan. The bill expands the boundaries of Seawall Lot 337 (the development site) if approved by the Commission, allows non-trust lease terms at the site to start when an occupancy certificate is issued, extends the final termination dates of non-trust leases from 2094 to 2105, and makes an amalgam of findings, declarations and definitional changes.

Chapter 546, Statutes of 2016 (SB 1473, Committee on Natural Resources and Water): Natural Resources.
This bill repeals an obsolete grant to Los Angeles County that was never effectuated.

Chapter 590, Statutes of 2016 (SB 1172, Hancock): Tidelands and submerged lands: City of Albany.
This bill repeals and grants anew Public Trust lands to the city of Albany with updated terms and conditions that align with the City’s waterfront planning efforts.