Climate Change & Sea Level Rise

The Commission owns and manages millions of acres of sovereign lands and resources that it holds in trust subject to the common law Public Trust Doctrine. If unaddressed, sea level rise can have catastrophic consequences for these lands and resources. The Commission works hard to facilitate sea level rise preparedness, with an emphasis on protecting California’s public trust lands and the public’s right to access and enjoy these lands. The Commission partners with the Legislature and federal, state, and local agencies to stay at the forefront of efforts to mitigate the impacts of sea level rise on the lands and natural resources entrusted to its care.

Latest News

Coastal Commission Introduces Sea Level Rise Story Map

The California Coastal Commission has released a new sea level rise story map that will enable members of the public to take a visual stroll through various concepts and ideas and to dive deeper into the impacts of sea level rise in California. The story map will also...

AB 691 – Proactively Planning for Sea Level Rise Impacts

AB 691 (Muratsuchi) Chapter 592, Statutes of 2013, involves sea level rise and granted public trust lands. Assessing the impacts of sea level rise on these lands is a management priority for grantees.

Read more about AB 691 assessments and learn about local sea level rise planning efforts.

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Interagency Coordination

Commission staff contributes to state and regional efforts to prepare and adapt to sea level rise. Staff is a member of several interagency workgroups and initiatives, including: