•  Abandoned Mine Remediation & Solid Mineral Extraction
    The Commission is authorized under Public Resources Code 6201.5 to rehabilitate lands impacted by mineral exploration or extraction. To safeguard the public and wildlife, Commission staff have worked cooperatively with the Division of Mine Reclamation staff since 2002 to install hundreds of warning signs and fences and dozens of bat gates, cupolas, and cable nets.
  • Abandoned Vessels on State Waterways
    The Commission’s Abandoned Vessel Program began in 2012 following the enactment of SB 595 (Wolk, Chapter 595, Statutes of 2011).
  • Bolsa Chica Lowlands Restoration Project
    The Bolsa Chica Lowlands Restoration Project created or rehabilitated nearly 600 acres of marine and wetland habitat in Orange County, CA, restoring part of what had historically been a vast estuarine ecosystem.
  • Climate Change & Sea Level Rise
    The Commission works hard to facilitate sea level rise preparedness, with an emphasis on protecting California’s public trust lands and the public’s right to access and enjoy these lands.
  • Coastal Hazards & Legacy Wells
    Most legacy oil and gas wells were abandoned in the early 1900s when oversight was nonexistent. Virtually no records exist regarding the drilling and abandonment of these wells.
  • Geophysical Survey Permit Program
    The Commission issues non-exclusive permits to qualified operators to perform geophysical surveys of the ocean bottom and marine environment.
  • Granted Public Trust Lands
    The Commission represents the statewide public interest to ensure that trustees operate their grants in conformance with the California Constitution, applicable granting statutes, and the Public Trust Doctrine.
  • Marine Invasive Species Program
    The Marine Invasive Species Program is a world-leading program that reduces the risk of aquatic nonindigenous species introduction into California’s waters.
  • Marine Oil Terminal Engineering & Maintenance Standards (MOTEMS)
    The Marine Oil Terminal Engineering and Maintenance Standards (MOTEMS) establish minimum engineering, inspection, and maintenance criteria for all marine oil terminals in California, in order to prevent oil spills and protect public health, safety, and the environment.
  • Oil Spill Prevention
    The Commission’s prevention program has successfully limited the number and severity of oil spills in state waters.
  • Renewable and Offshore Wind Energy
    Staff negotiates lease applications for renewable energy projects and participates in stakeholder and interagency working groups that develop strategies to achieve science-based renewable energy development.