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Meeting Date Item NAME WO LSE_TYPE Improvements Location PRC_Number Non_PRC County Lease_Status
2020-04-2906Johnson L. Chiao and Diana W. Chiao, TrusteesA2374GL-Recpier and two mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 3870 North Lake Boulevard, Carnelian Bay4248.1PlacerQuitclaim Deed and New Lease
2020-04-2916Leland RockA2240GL-R/Wannual placement, use, and removal of up to two seasonal bridge crossings (bridges) over the RiverVan Duzen River, near Alton7989.1HumboldtRenewal
2020-04-2924Tahoe Keys Property Owners AssociationA2245GL-RecpierLake Tahoe, adjacent to 356 Ala Wai Boulevard, South Lake Tahoe9616.1El DoradoLease Initialization
2020-04-2931Christine M. HuttingerA2489GL-Reccovered boat dock with lift, ramp, gangway, swim ladder, six pilings, and seasonal swim areaGeorgiana Slough, adjacent to 14700 Andrus Island Road, near Isleton7977.1SacramentoRenewal
2020-04-2933Key Lease Corporation, Inc. dba Sprindrift MarinaGL-Comcommercial marina, and two restrooms with shower facilitiesSan Joaquin River, adjacent to 841 W. Brannan Island Road, near Isleton2409.1SacramentoPulled
2020-04-2934Louis Bonacich, Trustee of the Bonacich Family TrustA2474GL-Comcommercial marina, known as Juluka Landing, consisting of a floating boat dock used for side tie berthing, a boat lift, nine pilings, 12 electric and water outlets, and a gangwaySacramento River, adjacent to 1951 Garden Highway, near SacramentoPRC 5188.1SacramentoAssignment
2020-04-2955William J. Schmit and Michelle H. Schmit, Co-TrusteesA2403GL-Recboat dock, access ramp with additional concrete pile, and cantilevered deckMain Channel of Huntington Harbour, adjacent to 16841 Bolero Lane, Huntington Beach3854.1OrangeTermination, Quitclaim Deed and New Lease
2020-04-2964Coastal Frontiers CorporationA2484Geological / Geophysical Survey Permitwithin Permit Regions I, II, III, and IV9404.9StatewideRenewal
2020-04-2966Fugro USA Marine, Inc.A2463Geological / Geophysical Survey PermitStatewide, Permit Regions I, II, III, and IV9622.9StatewideLease Initialization
2020-04-2969CSLC and NP Oakley, LLCW 27240Litigation and Title Settlement Agreement resolving a title dispute with respect to certain real propertylocated adjacent to the San Joaquin River, City of OakleyAD 681Contra Costa