Public Trust Rights and Needs in the Albany Tide and Submerged Lands – a portion of San Francisco Bay at Albany, California

Jun 1, 1985 | Public Trust, Publications

Cover of the 1985 Albany Tide and Submerged Lands Report

The purpose of this report is to set forth evidence bearing on the public trust needs and appropriate trust uses at the Albany Tide and Submerged Lands, City of Albany and Submerged Lands, Alameda County, and to make recommendations for Commission action. The study was authorized by the State Lands Commission at its meeting on November 29, 1984. The study area is bounded on the north by the Albany-Richmond city limit line, on the east by the Grant to the City of Albany and the line of highest tidal action, on the south by the Albany-Berkeley city limit line, and on the west by the Albany-San Francisco city limit line.