The Commission announces new Marine Environmental Protection Division

May 20, 2016 | Press Release

Division provides leadership on marine pollution prevention.

(Sacramento), Calif. – The California State Lands Commission has changed the name of its Marine Facilities Division to the Marine Environmental Protection Division and appointed Nicole Dobroski as an Assistant Chief of the Division.

This name change, effective immediately, more accurately reflects the Commission’s statewide leadership role in marine pollution prevention and is consistent with its 2016-2020 strategic plan goals. The Division and its staff are nationally and internationally recognized for marine pollution prevention work that is critical to California, including its Marine Oil Terminal Engineering and Maintenance Standards (MOTEMS), Marine Invasive Species Program, and Oil Spill Prevention and Inspection Program.

The new Division name helps the Commission convey a clear and succinct message about the importance of the Commission’s work to protect the marine environment from human-mediated pollution and to ensure the public’s health and safety in marine waters.

The previous Marine Facilities Division was established in 1990 to . With the establishment of the Marine Invasive Species Program in 2000, the Division has taken a greater role in statewide marine pollution prevention. The new Division will continue to move these efforts to the next level.

Chris Beckwith is Chief of the Marine Environmental Protection Division. Nicole Dobroski, who has led the Division’s Marine Invasive Species Program for many years, is a new Assistant Chief. Chris and Nicole have a long history of leadership and success and are valuable members of the Commission’s staff.