MOTEMS Executive Summary Tables

Aug 30, 2018 | MOTEMS

The MOTEMS Executive Summary (ES) Tables are structured to concisely communicate a marine oil terminal’s fitness-for-purpose status, based on the audit, inspection, and evaluation results. These Tables are required to be maintained up-to-date and submitted to the Division at least annually in accordance with the MOTEMS Section 3102F.3 requirements. Each terminal operator is expected to submit updated ES Tables by January 31st of every year, capturing the previous calendar years MOTEMS implementation progress. Tables ES-1A, 1B, and 1C (MOTEMS Tables 31F-2-7A through 7C) are intended to assert a terminal’s fitness-for-purpose for operational (i.e. operating, mooring and berthing), seismic (including oil transfer pipelines) and inspected conditions (based on above and below water structural inspections). Assessment ratings are assigned to structures, systems, and overall berths in the form of operational structural (OSARs), seismic structural (SSARs) and inspection condition (ICARs) assessment ratings in Tables ES-1A, 1B, and 1C, respectively. Table ES-2 (MOTEMS Table 31F-2-8) is intended to assert a terminals’ structural, mechanical and electrical component deficiencies and assigned remedial action priorities. Example Executive Summary Tables:

The Executive Summary Tables template is provided in Microsoft Excel format below. Please note that this template is consistent with the codified table formats and shall be strictly abided by, including all specified footnote requirements.


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