Port San Luis Harbor District

Aerial view of the Port of San Luis

Aerial view of the Port of San Luis courtesy of Trevor Povah.

The Port of San Luis Harbor District was granted sovereign salt marsh, tidelands, submerged lands, and swamp and overflow lands in trust in 1955 for the establishment, improvement and conduct of a harbor, airport or aviation facilities, for the construction, maintenance and operation of wharves, docks, piers, slips, quays, public buildings, public parks and playgrounds, public recreational purposes, and other utilities, structures, facilities and appliances necessary or convenient for the promotion and accommodation of commerce and navigation by air or water.

Port San Luis Harbor District

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The District is required by Section 6306 of the Public Resources Code to complete an annual financial statement and standardized reporting form for trust lands on or before December 31 of each year.

Below is a list of reports the District has submitted by fiscal year:

Settlement / Agreement Number Description
BLA 119 San Luis Obispo Bay boundary agreement.
Statute Description
Chapter 647, Statutes of 1955 An act conveying certain tidelands, lands lying under inland navigable waters, swamp and overflow lands, situate at San Luis Bay and San Luis Creek, to the Port San Luis Harbor District, in furtherance of navigation and commerce and the fisheries, and providing for the government, management and control thereof, reserving rights to the State.
Chapter 302, Statutes of 1957 An act to amend Section 1 of Chapter 647 of the Statutes of 1955, relating to tidelands and submerged lands in San Luis Obispo County.
Chapter 1081, Statutes of 1984 An act to add Section 6086 to the Harbors and Navigation Code, relating to the Port San Luis Harbor District.
Staff Report Description
09/25/1967 (56) Finding of statutory compliance with substantial improvement requirement
12/17/1992 (52) Consider authorization of Memorandum of Understanding among California Department of Fish and Game, California State Lands Commission, U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and Port San Luis Harbor District for purposes of coordination and cooperation in assessing injuries to natural resources resulting from release of crude oil at Avila Beach – Item pulled from agenda
02/25/1993 (33) Consider a memorandum of understanding concerning assessment of injuries resulting from release of crude oil at Avila Beach
04/06/2011 (17) Dredging lease
06/23/2011 (30) Rescission and issuance of a dredging lease

AB 691 – Proactively Planning for Sea-Level Rise Impacts

AB 691 (Muratsuchi) Chapter 592, Statutes of 2013, involves sea-level rise and granted public trust lands. Assessing the impacts of sea-level rise on these lands is a management priority for grantees.

Read more about AB 691 assessments and learn about local sea-level rise planning efforts.


Program Manager
Reid Boggiano

Dredging Notices & Financial Reports
Michaela Moser