Request for Offers: Removal and Disposal of Tug Standard No. 2 Sevenmile Slough

May 18, 2022 | Contracting

The Commission, pursuant to PRC § 6302.4(b), has issued a Request for Offers to remove and destroy the tugboat Standard No. 2. This work vessel has been abandoned for years in Sevenmile Slough, Sacramento County, and the Commission is now preparing to send the Standard No. 2 on its final voyage—to the scrapyard. You are invited to review and respond to this request by Tuesday, May 31, 2022, at 3 p.m.

The Standard No. 2 is an approximately 90-foot-long, 200-gross tonnage, steel-hulled WWII-era tugboat. The topside superstructure has been partially dismantled and removed. All machinery is inoperable and in a degraded condition. Hull integrity is unknown, though the vessel does not appear to be currently taking on water. Accessed fuel and oil tanks appear to be empty, though residual product likely remains. Additional unknown fuel or oil tanks may exist. Water tanks are likely full. Floor tiles and coatings and thermal system insulation are known to contain asbestos. A certified asbestos removal contractor will be required to abate asbestos materials. The tug’s hull paint contains copper, zinc, and other metals; its deck paint contains lead and other metals.

Request for Offers

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