Category: Renewable Energy

Port Readiness Plan

The AB 525 Port Readiness Plan, published by the State Lands Commission, assesses the necessary investments in California ports to support offshore wind energy activities, including construction, assembly, and operations and maintenance.

Geothermal Energy

Staff’s objectives are to manage the orderly and efficient development of geothermal resources on state lands and to contribute to the development of carbon-free electricity generation. Staff’s objectives are also to maximize revenue to the California State Teachers’...

Alternative Port Assessment Report to Support Offshore Wind Project

The Commission announces its intention to hire a consultant to provide environmental services for the Alternative Port Assessment to Support Offshore Wind Project. The purpose of this Solicitation is to initiate the process by which the Commission will contract with a firm with the appropriate qualifications to assist in preparing an Alternative Port Assessment to support offshore wind. Proposals should be submitted by Wednesday, June 1, 2022, at 5:00 p.m.

Vandenberg Offshore Wind Energy Projects

As part of an early public scoping process and stakeholder outreach, Commission staff has prepared a Draft Preliminary Environmental Assessment for two proposed offshore wind energy projects. Commission staff has prepared a Draft Preliminary Environmental Assessment...