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Meeting Date: 2023-10-19

Item/Link Name Work Order/App Number Lease/Permit Type Improvements Location Lease/Permit Number Other County Status
ItemNameW.O. #Lease TypeImprovementsLocationLease #Other Ref.CountyLease Action
12825 W Lake Blvd, LLC, a California Limited Liability CompanyA3016General Lease-Recreational Usetwo mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 2825 West Lake Boulevard, near Tahoe City9002PlacerPending
2John E. Ahmann and Judy Ann Ahmann, as TrusteesA4092General Lease-Recreational and Protective Structure Useboat dock, gangway, two pilings, and bank protectionNapa River, adjacent to 1301 Milton Road, near Napa9759NapaPending
3Michael D. Grimes, TrusteeA3740General Lease-Recreational Usepier, boat lift and two mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 3272 Edgewater Drive, near Dollar Point7329PlacerPending
4Horace A. Guittard, Jr., Trustee; and Gary W. GuittardA4141General Lease-Recreational Usepier, boathouse with boat lift, sundeck and stairs, boat hoist, and two mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 5660 North Lake Boulevard, near Carnelian Bay3294PlacerPending
5William A. Hewlett, Richard Jaffe and James S. Hewlett, Trustees of the Cooper Property TrustA4125General Lease-Recreational Usepier and one mooring buoy and three unattached pilingsLake Tahoe, adjacent to 2170 West Lake Boulevard, Tahoe City3867PlacerPending
6Jeffrey S. Hines and Barbara A. Hines, as TrusteesA4216General Lease-Recreational Useboat dock, boat lift, gangway, personal watercraft float, and three pilingsSacramento River, adjacent to 10451 Garden Highway, near Sacramento6103SutterPending
7Suanne B. Inman, TrusteeA4010General Lease-Recreational Usepier, boathouse, boat lift and two mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 8841 Rubicon Drive, Rubicon Bay3669El DoradoPending
8Mary H. Jaffe and Eric G. Gimon, TrusteesA4126General Lease-Recreational Usepier, marine rail and two mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 2150 West Lake Boulevard, near Tahoe City5268PlacerPending
9Darcie Kent Vineyards, LLC, a California limited liability companyA3441General Lease-Recreational Usepier, boat lift, and one mooring buoyLake Tahoe, adjacent to 803 Stateline Avenue, South Lake Tahoe3682El DoradoPending
10Lake Forest Pierowner's Association, Inc.A3896General Lease-Recreational Usepier, boat hoist and 13 mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to a small right-of-way parcel, Tahoe City4499PlacerPending
11Lakeside Terrace Homeowners Association and Timberlake Homeowners AssociationA4142General Lease-Recreational Usejoint-use pier, 13 mooring buoys and two marker buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 1380 and 1400 North Lake Boulevard, near Tahoe City8570PlacerPending
12Peggy E. Lindquist, as TrusteeA4145General Lease-Recreational Usetwo mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 7412 North Lake Boulevard, near Tahoe Vista9760PlacerPending
13Pacific Gas and Electric CompanyA3738General Lease-Right of Way Use26-inch-diameter steel Horizontal Directionally Drilled pipeline to transport natural gas; and decommissioning and removal of three existing parallel 8-inch-diameter gas pipelinesNapa River, near Suscol Creek, near Napa9764NapaPending
13Pacific Gas and Electric CompanyA2562, A3738General Lease-Right of Way Use34 pipelines; transportation, distribution, and gathering pipelines to transport natural gasSacramento River, Colusa and Butte County; Sacramento River, Butte and Glenn County; Sacramento River, Colusa and Sutter County; Feather River, Sutter and Yuba County; Sacramento River, Sacramento and Yolo County; Petaluma River, Sonoma County; Napa5438-BButte, Colusa, Glenn, Merced, Napa, Sacramento, San Joaquin, SolanoPending
14Gerald R. Rose and Deborah K. Rose, Co-TrusteesA3839General Lease-Recreational Useboat dock, gangway, and galvanized steel cablesSacramento River, adjacent to 42424 Front Street, Knights Landing9083YoloPending
15Sage Exploration & Production, Inc., a Delaware CorporationA3998General Lease-Right of Way Use6.625-inch-diameter, horizontal directionally drilled (HDD) natural gas pipeline, at a minimum depth of 80 feet below the bottom of the Eel RiverEel River, near Alton8472HumboldtPending
16Tahoe Trust General Partnership, a California general partnership; and Spirit of Tahoe, LLC, a Delaware limited liability companyA3642General Lease-Recreational Usejoint-use pier with two boathouses, three boat lifts, sundeck with stairs and four mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 1324 and 1330 West Lake Boulevard, near Tahoe City3678PlacerPending
17City of StocktonA3079General Lease-Public Agency Usestormwater outfall consisting of five 36-inch-diameter steel discharge lines, one 16-inch-diameter steel discharge line, and bank protectionPixley Slough, near Stockton8305San JoaquinPending
18City of StocktonA3751General Lease-Public Agency Use12-inch-diameter sewer force mainSan Joaquin River, Stockton4826San JoaquinPending
19Eagle Propco 4 LLCGeneral Lease-Commercial and Protective Structure Usecommercial marina and bank protectionSacramento RiverPRC 8540SacramentoPULLED
20Eliseo Cove Homeowners AssociationA4900General Lease-Recreational Useboat dock, walkway, cables, and two concrete deadmenCorte Madera Creek, adjacent to 655 South Eliseo Drive, near Greenbrae4900MarinPending
21David M. Ingram and Maria V. Ingram, Trustees of The River Family Trust, created under a Declaration of Trust dated March 28, 2014A3745General Lease-Recreational and Protective Structure Useboat dock, boat lift, gangway, two-pile dolphin, two pilings, and bank protectionSacramento River, adjacent to 7045 Garden Highway, Sacramento5523SacramentoPending
22Ty Sambrailo and Alex SambrailoA4070General Lease-Recreational and Protective Structure Useboat dock, two-pile dolphin, gangway, and bank protectionSacramento River, adjacent to 4603 Garden Highway, Sacramento7212SacramentoPending
23H. Dennis Katsuki and Linda M. Katsuki as trusteesA2583General Lease-Recreational Useboat dock, diving board, walkway, and two pilingsGeorgiana Slough, adjacent to 605 West Tyler Island Bridge Road, near Isleton5988SacramentoPending
24William J. Kuhns and Margaret G. KuhnsA4051General Lease-Recreational and Protective Structure Useboat dock, ramp, six pilings and bank protectionSteamboat Slough, adjacent to 13972 Grand Island Road, Walnut Grove7225SacramentoPending
25Christopher Ahern Lee, Trustee of the Fox-Lee Living TrustA4198General Lease-Recreational Useboat dock, ramp, platform, two pilings and stairsSacramento River, adjacent to 13760 Highway 160, near Walnut Grove6035SacramentoPending
26Nara Gardens Homeowners AssociationA3941General Lease-Recreational Usedock, walkway, gangway, and two anchor armsCorte Madera Creek, adjacent to 823 South Eliseo Drive, Greenbrae5459MarinPending
27Adam StonerA4136General Lease-Recreational Useone mooring buoyTomales Bay, adjacent to 19025 Highway 1, near Marshall9522MarinPending
28Santa Fe Pacific Partners, L.P. (Operating Partners to Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, L.P.)General Lease-Right of Way Use20-inch petroleum products pipeline and 14-inch refined petroleum products pipelinevarious rivers, sloughs and creeks, as well as San Francisco Bay and the Carquinez Strait, Contra Costa and Solano Counties8486Contra Costa, SolanoActive
29The Landing Homeowners AssociationA3915General Lease-Recreational Useboat dock, walkway, gangway and two pilingsCorte Madera Creek, near Greenbrae4673MarinPending
30Tiki Lagoon Resort and Marina, Inc., a California corporationA3283General Lease-Commercial Usecommercial marina consisting of three concrete docks and one wooden dock with approx. 212 combined berths, four restrooms, gas dock with two gas pumps, pumpout facilities, restrooms, and ancillary facilitiesWhiskey Slough, adjacent to12988 West McDonald Road, near the city of Stockton4082San JoaquinPending
31Turner Cut Resort and Marina Inc., a California corporationGeneral Lease-Commercial Usecommercial marina known as Turner Cut Resort, consisting of three covered docks with approximately 130 berths of various lengths with electrical and water hookups; two uncovered docks; two floating boathouses; five walkways; guest dock with finger; aWhiskey Slough, adjacent to 12864 Neugebauer Road, near Stockton4080San JoaquinActive
32Craig C. Wagner and Pamela A. Kvalheim, as TrusteesA4195General Lease-Recreational Usedock, walkway, shed, decks, access ramp, and two pilingsPetaluma River, adjacent to 45 Havenwood Road, Novato3507MarinPending
33Ruperto V. Ouano and Grace S. MercadoA4154General Lease-Residential and Recreational Useportion of residence, deck and appurtenant facilitiesMare Island Strait, adjacent to 40 Sandy Beach Road, near Vallejo9308SolanoPending
34Albert Avalos and Stacy Avalos, TrusteesA4087General Lease-Recreational and Protective Structure Useconcrete stairs with rock retaining walls, electric lights, two concrete patios with railings and rock retaining walls, two planter areas with rock retaining walls, a shower, and a riprap banklineColorado River, adjacent to 1116 Beach Drive, Needles9087San BernardinoPending
35Randy A. Baker, as Trustee of the TCOB TrusA3744General Lease-Recreational and Protective Structure Useboat dock, gangway, fire pit and riprap banklineColorado River, adjacent to 1218 Beach Drive, Needles8968San BernardinoPending
36California Department of Parks and RecreationA3671General Lease-Public Agency Use880-ft. public pier, fire-suppression wharf heads, 3-inch diameter water line, fish cleaning station and water bibPacific Ocean, adjacent to Hearst San Simeon State Park1603San Luis ObispoPending
37California Department of TransportationA3990General Lease-Public Agency Usetemporary construction easementOrangePULLED
38Chevron USA Inc.General Lease-Industrial UseOffshore Marine Oil Terminal: two seven-buoy spread point mooring berths and associated underwater pipeline systems together with a rock groin and beach fill, serving the El Segundo RefinerySanta Monica Bay, Pacific Ocean, near the city of El Segundo5574Los AngelesActive
39Russell Joseph Chidley and Susan Elizabeth ChidleyA4045General Lease-Recreational and Protective Structure Useboat dock, access ramp, walkway, stairway, and riprap banklineColorado River, adjacent to 1190 Beach Drive, Needles9062San BernardinoPending
40Del Rey Yacht ClubA4073General Lease-Recreational Usepier, gangway, float, and float extensionCatalina Harbor, Santa Catalina Island6412Los AngelesPending
41Todd Y. King and Shareen M. King, TrusteesA4055General Lease-Recreational and Protective Structure Useboat dock, walkway, gangway, two planter areas with rock retaining walls, a shower with concrete pad, concrete stairs with rock walls, and a riprap banklineColorado River, adjacent to 1166 Beach Drive, Needles9121San BernardinoPending
42Orange County Flood Control DistrictA3838General Lease-Public Agency Usetwo riprap flood control jetties, one riprap dike, and maintenance dredgingin the lower Santa Ana River9358OrangePending
43Pacific Gas and Electric CompanyGeneral Lease-Industrial Usedredging and the deposition of sandin and adjacent to the Pacific Ocean and the Diablo Canyon Power Plant, near Avila Beach and Morro Bay9347San Luis ObispoPULLED
44David A. Robinson and Susan J. Robinson, TrusteesA4151General Lease-Protective Structure Useriprap banklineColorado River, adjacent to 1210 Beach Drive, Needles9123San BernardinoPending
45Seren Juno Network America, Inc.A4046General Lease-Right of Way Useone 2-inch-diameter buried fiber-optic cablePacific Ocean, near Pismo State Beach, Grover Beach9761San Luis ObispoPending
46Landgate Corp.; California State Lands Commission (Parties)N/AConsider (1) authorizing the Executive Officer or her designee to enter into non-exclusive agreements with LandGate Corp. to list School Lands properties or resources on online platforms, when such services are offered at no cost to the State; and (2) authorizing staff to advertise School Lands parcels with LandGate Corp., at their discretion.C2023013Statewide
47Southern California Edison CompanyGeneral Lease-Right of Way Use115 Kv electrical transmission line and nine sets of wood poles, a 220 Kv electrical transmission line and five steel towers and an unpaved access roadState school land in portions of Section 30, 31 and 32, T10N R1E, SBM, near Yermo2507San BernardinoActive
48Southern California Edison CompanyGeneral Lease-Right of Way Use12 Kv overhead transmission lines, approximately six wood poles and an unpaved access roadState indemnity school lands in a portion of Section 6, T9N R4E, SBM, near the town of Newberry Springs3392San BernardinoActive
49Sports Committee District 37 AMA, Inc.A3518General Lease-Right of Way Usedirt roadState school lands in Section 36, T31S R44E, MDM, northwest of Barstow8972San BernardinoPending
50City of Long BeachW 17166N/AConsider acceptance of the Final Report and Closing Statement for the Long Beach Unit Annual Plan (July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023)Long Beach Unit, Wilmington Oil FieldLos AngelesAccepted
51City of OceansideA4158Permit-Geological Survey Permitgeological surveysOffshore,including granted or ungranted tidelands and submerged lands, from the mean high-tide line to approximately 1.3 miles offshore of the City of Oceanside9762San DiegoPending
52EDF Renewables DevelopmentA4027General Lease-Other100 percent reserved mineral interest school land, located near Desert Center, Sec. 36,T4N, R15E, SBM9763RiversidePending
53Trudy Marilyn Ehmke and Troy Elbert Land (Party)N/AConsider issuance of a PatentSwamp and Overflow Lands near the Eel River, FortunaHUM 340, S&O Loc. 3518HumboldtApproved
54Trina Gould (Party)W 27264N/AConsider taking title to and authorizing the removal and disposal of two abandoned buoysLake Tahoe, near HomewoodPlacerApproved
55Marty and Ronnie Sherman (Parties)W 27264N/AConsider taking title to and authorizing the removal and disposal of an abandoned buoyLake Tahoe, near HomewoodPlacerApproved
56University of California, DavisN/AIntertidal Zone of the Pacific OceanI 4066Statewide OffshoreApproved
57California State Lands Commission; Amazon.Com Services LLC (Parties)G 11-00N/AConsider a Title Settlement and Exchange Agreement between the State of California, acting by and through the California State Lands Commission, in its regular capacity and as Trustee of the Kapiloff Land Bank Fund, and Services LLC, regarding certain interests in landsCity and County of San FranciscoAD 688San FranciscoApproved
58City of CarpinteriaG 15-02N/AConsider an amendment for a three-year extension to an oil and gas pipeline leaselegislatively granted sovereign land in the city of CarpinteriaSanta BarbaraApproved
59City of Santa MonicaG 05-08N/AReview a proposed tideland revenue expenditure in an amount not to exceed $1,355,000 by the City of Santa Monica for three capital improvement projectslegislatively granted sovereign land in the City of Santa MonicaLos AngelesApproved
60Notice of Conference with Real Property NegotiatorInstructions to staff negotiators in Closed Session, pursuant to Government Code section 11126(c)(7), regarding entering into a lease amendment or other agreement for the extended use of existing offshore oil and gas pipelines traversing state waters associated with the Santa Ynez Unitfederal waters, offshorePRC 4977, PRC 7163Santa Barbara
61California State Lands CommissionN/AInformation update on state legislation relevant to the California State Lands CommissionStatewideInformational
62California Department of Parks and Recreation; City and County of San FranciscoA4170General Lease-Public Agency Usetemporary use of an existing paved parking lot and public utilities for the Bayview Vehicle Triage Centerfilled sovereign land located within the Candlestick Point State Recreation Area in San FranciscoPRC 6414San FranciscoPULLED
63California State Lands CommissionW 30159-5N/AConsider authorization of Phase 2 Agreement establishing the responsibilities to undertake work on Platform Hollyoffshore GoletaSanta BarbaraApproved
64San Diego Unified Port DistrictG 10-08N/AAcknowledge the submittal of a Draft Trust Land Use Plan, pursuant to Chapter 372, Statues of 2019San DiegoApproved