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Meeting Date: 2023-03-24

Item/Link Name Work Order/App Number Lease/Permit Type Improvements Location Lease/Permit Number Other County Status
1California State Lands CommissionG 01-01Consider co-sponsoring legislation that would authorize the Commission to convey to the City of Alameda (City), in trust, any lands to be exchanged into the Public Trust through an exchange agreement to which the City is a party, and authorize the Commission to convey new Public Trust lands to the City as trustee in accordance with the Encinal Terminals Project Land Exchange and Title Settlement Agreement.AlamedaApproved
2California State Lands CommissionConsider sponsoring legislation to amend several solid mineral permitting and leasing statutes to remove or modernize outdated provisions and to ensure that the Commission has the discretion to determine whether individual applications for solid mineral leasing are in the best interest of the state.StatewideApproved
3California State Lands CommissionDiscussion and possible action on state legislation relevant to the California State Lands Commission.StatewideInformational