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Meeting Date: 2022-08-23

Item/Link Name Work Order/App Number Lease/Permit Type Improvements Location Lease/Permit Number Other County Status
1Lynne G. Courtright, Trustee; James L. Courtright; and Molly Courtright ShieldsA3499General Lease-Recreational Usetwo existing mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 4980 West Lake Boulevard, Homewood7943PlacerActive
2Ronald W. Dollens and Susan S. Dollens, as TrusteesA3549General Lease-Recreational Usetwo existing mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 2560 West Lake Boulevard, near Tahoe City5509PlacerPending
3Jay Gudebski, TrusteeA3625General Lease-Recreational Usetwo existing mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 8315 Meeks Bay Avenue, Meeks Bay8178El DoradoPending
4Scott T. Hanson and Valerie A. Hanson, TrusteesA3298General Lease-Recreational Useexisting pier and two mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 8355 Meeks Bay Avenue, Rubicon Bay8692El DoradoActive
5William A.S. Magrath II and Judith B. Magrath, as TrusteesA2149, A3514General Lease-Recreational Usereconstruction of an existing pier; removal of a stairway and catwalk, installation of an adjustable catwalk and gangway; and two existing mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 8357 Meeks Bay Avenue, near Meeks Bay8938El DoradoAmendment
6Karen Stone McCown, TrusteeA3488General Lease-Recreational Usepier, boathouse, and one mooring buoyLake Tahoe, adjacent to 263 Drum Road, near Meeks Bay4469El DoradoActive
7Mendocino City Community Services DistrictA3185General Lease-Public Agency Useexisting 8-inch-diameter treated sewage wastewater outfall pipelinePacific Ocean, adjacent to Assessor?s Parcel Numbers 119-200-01, 119-200-07, and 119-200-09, near Goat Island, City of Mendocino4755MendocinoActive
8Oakley Station, LLC, a California Limited Liability CompanyA3328General Lease-Recreational Usetwo existing mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 4120 Ferguson Avenue, near Carnelian Bay9021PlacerPending
9Pasha Family Legacy Real Estate LLC, a California limited liability companyW 27233General Lease-Recreational Useexisting pier, open-sided boathouse, sundeck with stairs, three boat lifts, and two mooring buoys not previously authorizedLake Tahoe, adjacent to 5398 North Lake Boulevard, near Carnelian Bay9693PlacerPending
10Pflugfelder, LLC, a California Limited Liability Company, and WIM4 LLC, a California Limited Liability CompanyA3364General Lease-Recreational Useexisting joint-use pier and four mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 4920 and 4930 West Lake Boulevard, near Homewood3557PlacerPending
11Roland J. Bain, TrusteeA3496General Lease- Recreational and Protective Structure Useexisting boat dock, gangway, two-pile dolphin, piling, and bank protectionSacramento River, adjacent to 3111 Garden Highway, near Sacramento6997SacramentoPending
12Melinda M. ScottA3386General Lease-Recreational Useexisting boat dock, float, gangway, and two pilingsSacramento River, adjacent to 13810 State Highway 160, near Walnut Grove5348SacramentoPending
13Burlingame Point, LLCfilled sovereign land, known as Fisherman?s Park, located in Burlingame, San Mateo County. Described as ?Parcel C? in Exhibit A of the first amendment to lease9084San MateoPartial Quitclaim Accepted
14C&H Sugar Company, Inc.A3157General Lease-Industrial Useexisting sugar refinery, dock, 42-inch diameter outfall line, and appurtenant facilitiesCarquinez Strait, adjacent to 830 Loring Avenue, Crockett7659Contra CostaPending
15Thomas Trust; City of Antioch; California State Lands CommissionG 02-01, W 27250N/ATake title to and authorize the removal and disposal of an abandoned bargeGranted sovereign land in the San Joaquin River, Antioch, adjacent to 111 Fulton Shipyard Road, Antioch, Contra Costa CountyContra CostaAuthorized
16Ethan ConradA3278General Lease- Recreational and Protective Structure Useexisting boat dock, boat lift, two personal watercraft floats, gangway, three pilings, and bank protectionSacramento River, adjacent to 6915 Garden Highway, near Sacramento8351SacramentoPending
17County of SacramentoA3322General Lease-Public Agency Useexisting boat dock, boat ramp, picnic area with tables, a parking lot, and bank protection.Hogback Island in Steamboat Slough, near Walnut Grove3300SacramentoPending
18Michael L. Gurev, Trustee of the Maxwell M. Freeman Qualified Personal Residence Trust dated October 20, 2003A3466General Lease-Recreational Useexisting boat dock, gangway, four pilings, and three electrical conduitsSan Joaquin River at Atherton Cove, adjacent to 2300 Virginia Lane near Stockton6075San JoaquinActive
19Greg D. LarsonA2867General Lease- Recreational and Protective Structure Useexisting boat dock, gangway, pilings, and bank protection previously authorized, and existing boat lift not previously authorizedGeorgiana Slough, adjacent to 441 West Willow Tree Lane, near Isleton8763SacramentoPending
20Lee R. Miller and Dorothea E. Miller, trustors; Conte Cicala and Angele CicalaA3592, W 26890DGeneral Lease-Recreational Useuncovered floating boat dock, pilings, and gangwayCorte Madera Creek, adjacent to 69 Greenbrae Boardwalk, near Larkspur9259MarinAssignment
21William Alexander Millie and Jennifer M. PorterA3286General Lease-Recreational Usecovered single-berth floating boat dock, gangway, nine pilings, and two debris divertersSacramento River, adjacent to Assessor's Parcel Number 142-0030-037, near Walnut Grove9694SacramentoActive
22Pacific Gas and Electric CompanyA3325General Lease-Right of Way Useexisting rock riprap; installation of a Horizontal Directionally Drilled gas pipeline; and decommissioning and removal of two gas pipelines not previously authorizedSacramento River, adjacent to 7895 State Highway 20, near Meridian9695Colusa, SutterPending
23Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency; Central Valley Flood Protection BoardA3470General Lease-Public Agency Useaccess and staging purposes associated with rehabilitation of the Sacramento River East Leveeportion of Assessor?s Parcel Number 024-0081-019 and an unnumbered parcel west of Riverside Boulevard, Sacramento9607SacramentoActive
24Gregory E. Whitten and Carol C. WhittenA3589General Lease-Recreational Useexisting boat dock, two personal watercraft floats, gangway, and two steel bank-anchoring cables.Sacramento River, adjacent to 6951 Garden Highway, near Sacramento8078SacramentoPending
25California Department of TransportationA3059Public Agency Permit and Right-of-Way Mapbridge crossing, bridge improvements, bridge replacement, and two temporary construction areasKings River, adjacent to Assessor?s Parcel Numbers 026-230-001, 026-230-004, 026-230-016, 026-230-017, and 026-240-016, near Stratford9696KingsApproved
26City of Los Angeles Department of Water and PowerA3498General Lease-Public Agency Usevarious dust mitigation measuresdry lakebed of Owens Lake8079InyoAmendment
27Judith A. FinchGeneral Lease-Commercial Useunimproved recreational park and unimproved boat launchhistoric bed of the San Joaquin River, adjacent to 10705 N Lanes Road, Fresno5492FresnoTermination
28Carolyn Marie Healy and Steven Anthony Healy, as Successor Co-Trustees of the Peter N. Healy and Rita L. Healy Family Trust dated February 16, 1983, Trust A, Trust B and Trust CA3513General Lease-Recreational Useexisting boat dock, access ramp, and cantilevered deckHuntington Harbour, adjacent to 16791 Bolero Lane, Huntington Beach9006OrangePending
29Mojave Pipeline Company, LLCGeneral Lease-Right of Way Useexisting natural gas pipelineColorado River, adjacent to Assessor?s Parcel Number 650-161-12, near Topock7510San BernardinoPULLED
30Pacific Gas and Electric CompanyA2539General Lease-Right of Way Useexisting natural gas pipeline not previously authorizedSalinas River, adjacent to Assessor?s Parcel Numbers 229-011-025 and 229-011-027, near MarinaMontereyPULLED
31Santa Catalina Island CompanyA3444General Lease-Recreational Useexisting dinghy pier, access ramp, and one floatPacific Ocean at Ballast Point in Catalina Harbor, Santa Catalina Island6410Los AngelesActive
32The Cultured Abalone Farm, LLCGeneral Lease-Right of Way Usetwo 18-inch-diameter intake pipelines each extending 1,550 feet into the Pacific Ocean and three 8-inchdiameter intake pipelines each extending 850 feet into the Pacific OceanPacific Ocean, near Goleta7456Santa BarbaraRent Revision / Active
33Coachella Valley Water DistrictGeneral Lease-Right of Way Use150-foot-wide by 1,100-foot-long diversion channel lined with a concrete bottom, wire fence, and appurtenant access roadsState indemnity school land within a portion of Section 24, Township 3 South, Range 3 East, SBM, near Palm Springs9025RiversideRent Revision / Active
34U. S. Bureau of Land ManagementA3486General Lease-Public Agency Usea livestock fence; strip of land, 20 feet in width and 4,779 feet long, containing 2.19 acresState school lands in Section 16, Township 7 North, Range 3 East, SBM, south of Newberry Springs8410San BernardinoPending
35Alpine Ocean Seismic Survey, IncorporatedA3638Non-Exclusive Geological Survey Permitcollect geological information by utilizing percussion, grab, jet, vibracore, box core, and dart sampling methods. No activity or method employing rotary drilling operations.granted and ungranted tide and submerged lands state-wide, from the mean high tide line to 3 miles offshore9697StatewidePending
36California Department of TransportationA3544Non-Exclusive Geological Survey Permitcollect geological informationadjacent to and in the Eel River, near Assessor?s Parcel Number 205 181-11HumboldtPULLED
37Hanson Aggregates Pacific Southwest, Inc.A3387Mineral Extraction Lease (minerals, other than oil, gas, or geothermal resources)Extraction of rock, sand, gravel, crusher dust, blends, and dirtAssessor?s Parcel Number 326-60-23, school lands, located in portions of the north half of the southwest quarter and the southwest quarter of the northwest quarter, Section 36, Township 14 South, Range 1 West, San Bernardino Baseline & Meridian, situated in the vicinity of Lakeside7301San DiegoPending
38California State Lands CommissionW 27259N/ADelegation of authority for the Executive Officer or her designee to solicit Requests for Qualifications for consultant services, negotiate fair and reasonable prices, and award and execute agreements for the preparation of a Risk Assessment and Liability Report of State Lands and to train staff to use strategies to minimize risk and liability.N/AStatewideAuthorized
39California State Lands CommissionW 41006N/ADelegation of authority for the Executive Officer or her designee to solicit for consultant services, negotiate fair and reasonable prices, award and execute agreements, and take any other steps reasonably necessary to prepare cost studies pursuant to Budget Item 3560-002-0001 in SB 154 (Skinner), the 2022 Budget Act, to estimate the fiscal impact of a voluntary relinquishment of the Commission?s remaining lease interests in actively producing offshore oil and gas leases in state waters.N/AApproved
40California State Lands CommissionW 30119.3N/ADelegation of authority for the Executive Officer or her designee to issue a Request for Qualifications to solicit for consultant services, negotiate fair and reasonable prices, and award and execute agreements for the preparation of environmental documentation for the Platform Holly Decommissioning Projectnear the city of GoletaSanta BarbaraApproved
41California State Lands CommissionN/AAuthorize the Executive Officer or her designee to obtain quotes, negotiate fair and reasonable prices, and award and execute an agreement(s) through the appropriate procurement approach in order to perform site cleanup activities, pursuant to the requirements of the Public Contract Code and current State policies and the city of StocktonSan JoaquinAuthorized
42California State Lands CommissionN/AAuthorize the Executive Officer or her designee to negotiate fair and reasonable prices and award and execute an agreement to provide various media services that facilitate public Commission meetings pursuant to the requirements of the Public Contract Code and current State policies and procedures.N/ABid Log 2021-10StatewideAuthorized
43U. S. Department of the NavyFJ 0137.26, FJ 0136.9N/ATwo Cessions of Concurrent Criminal Legislative Jurisdiction and Acceptance of One Retrocession of Exclusive Legislative Jurisdiction pursuant to California Government Code Sections 126 and 113.Federal lands comprising the Navy Broadway Complex in San Diego and the Naval Air Weapons Station China LakeSan Diego, Inyo, Kern, San BernardinoAuthorized
44Mark Chodos, Miguel Pena, California State Lands Commission and the California State Lands Commission as Kapiloff Land Bank TrusteeW 27250N/AAcknowledge staff?s actions pursuant to the Commission?s delegation of authority to expend moneys from the Kapiloff Land Bank Fund for the emergency removal and disposal of marine debris in the Sacramento River; authorization of settlement in lieu of litigation; and authority to recoup the Sacramento River, adjacent to 2191 Garden HighwaySacramentoAuthorized
45State of California, by and through the California State Lands Commission, City of Alameda, and North Waterfront Cove LLCG 01-01N/ALand Exchange and Title Settlement Agreementparcels located within and adjacent to the Oakland Estuary and Alaska BasinAD 690AlamedaApproved
46California State Lands Commission (Informational)N/AInformational Report synthesizing sea level rise assessments submitted by certain legislative grantees of Public Trust lands required by AB 691 (Muratsuchi) Chapter 592, Statutes of 2013; Public Resources Code section 6311.5 relating to legislatively granted Public Trust lands and sea level rise planning.N/AInformational
47California State Lands CommissionW 30134N/AFeasibility Study findings and staff recommendation of Rincon Decommissioning Phase 2 Project and Alternatives to be analyzed in an Environmental Impact Report under the California Environmental Quality Act.N/AVenturaApproved
48California State Lands CommissionN/ADiscussion and possible action on state legislation relevant to the California State Lands Commission, including a briefing on SB 54 (Allen, Chapter 75, Statutes of 2022), which requires all packaging in California to be recyclable or compostable by 2032, among other things, and a briefing on other key ocean protection legislation, including AB 1832 (L. Rivas)N/AStatewideInformational
49California State Lands CommissionN/AThird distribution of port stimulus funding to mitigate negative economic impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic pursuant to the 2021-2022 Budget ActN/AApproved