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Meeting Date: 2020-10-22

Item/Link Name Work Order/App Number Lease/Permit Type Improvements Location Lease/Permit Number Other County Status
1Allison 184 LLC; and Margie Lockwood, Trustee of the Margie Lockwood Living TrustA2570GL-Recjoint-use pier, boat lift, and three fish habitat rock pyramids; and four mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 184 and 200 Rim Drive, near Tahoe Vista9153PlacerQuitclaim Deed and New Lease
1Allison California Holdings, LLC, an Ohio limited liability companyGL-Rectwo mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 184 Rim Drive, near Tahoe Vista8509PlacerQuitclaim Deed
2A2368GL-Recjoint-use pier, two boat lifts and four mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 850 and 860 West Lake Boulevard, near Tahoe City5801PlacerAssignment
3Bow Bay, LLC, a California Limited Liability CompanyA2602GL-Recpier and three mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 281 Paradise Flat Lane, near Rubicon Bay9443El DoradoQuitclaim Deed and New Lease
4Philip D. Chapman and Sarah D. Chapman, TrusteesA2339GL-Recpier, boat house with boat lift, sundeck with stairs, and two mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 3890 North Lake Boulevard, near Carnelian Bay3674PlacerRenewal
5deBenedetti Tahoe House LLC, a California Limited Liability CompanyA2412GL-Rectwo mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 5580 West Lake Boulevard, near Homewood8263PlacerRenewal
6Jason A. DiLullo and Sarah E. K. DiLulloA2699GL-Recpier, boat house with boat lift, and two mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 2620 West Lake Boulevard, near Homewood3209PlacerQuitclaim Deed and New Lease
7Christian P. Erdman; and Carol Franc Buck, as TrusteeA2676GL-Recone mooring buoyLake Tahoe, adjacent to and offshore of an upland property located within the State of Nevada known as 53 Somers Loop, Crystal Bay, Washoe County and immediately adjacent to the State line9047PlacerQuitclaim Deed and Termination
8Paul William Lloyd and Alisha Ann Graves, TrusteesA2668GL-Recpier, two catwalks, stairs, boat hoist, and two mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 8401 Meeks Bay Avenue, near Meeks Bay1828El DoradoTermination and New Lease
9Martin A. Gaehwiler, Jr.A2479GL-Recpier and one mooring buoyLake Tahoe, adjacent to 6668 West Lake Boulevard, near Tahoma8135PlacerRenewal
10JRB Property Company II, L.P., a California Limited PartnershipA2618GL-Recpier, boat house with boat lift, sundeck with stairs, and two mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 2720 West Lake Boulevard, near Homewood4172PlacerRenewal
11Lakefront Professional Building, LLC, a California limited liability companyA2638GL-Comtwo mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 3351 Lake Tahoe Boulevard, South Lake Tahoe9640El DoradoInitialization
12Janice Lynn B. MinorGL-Recpier and a personal watercraft liftDonner Lake, adjacent to 15130 Point Drive, near Truckee7941NevadaNew Lease
13John Paul Phillips and June Dunbar Phillips, TrusteesA2496GL-Rectwo mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 6480 North Lake Boulevard, Tahoe Vista8226PlacerRenewal
14Tahoma Meadows Property Owner's Association, Inc.W 26928 / A2677GL-Recthree mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 6660 West Lake Boulevard, near Tahoma9641PlacerInitialization
15William E. Threlfall, Jr. and Sandra Jafferies Threlfall, as TrusteesA2496GL-Rectwo mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 24 Moana Circle, near Tahoma8264PlacerRenewal
16Lake Tahoe Vista LLCA2346GL-Recpier, boat lift, and two mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 6123 North Lake Boulevard, near Tahoe Vista6924PlacerTermination and New Lease
17Christine A. Wood, TrusteeA2615GL-Rectwo mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 1460 North Lake Boulevard, near Tahoe City8307PlacerRenewal
18Alvin R. Archer and Dale W. Archer, Co-TrusteesA2733GL-Recboat dock and two pilingsSeven Mile Slough, adjacent to 1150 West Brannan Island Road, at Andrus Island, near Isleton6059SacramentoNew Lease
19Parke M. Berolzheimer, TrusteeA2396GL-Rec&PSboat dock, solar-powered covered boat lift, gangway, three pilings, water and electrical conduit, and bank protectionSan Joaquin River at Atherton Cove, adjacent to 3614 Country Club Boulevard, near Stockton8905San JoaquinRenewal
20California Resources Petroleum CorporationGL-R/W8-inch diameter high pressure natural gas pipeline and access roadTomato Slough at Brannan Island, near Rio Vista8485SacramentoRent Review
21Susan V. Carson, TrusteeA2211GL-Rec&PSboat dock, deck, gangway, fill area, bulkhead, and bank protectionhistoric bed of the San Joaquin River at Atherton Cove, adjacent to 1 Atherton Island, near Stockton6047San JoaquinNew Lease
22Contra Costa County Flood Control and Water Conservation DistrictA2688GL-PAhabitat restoration, flood protection, and public accessWalnut and Pacheco Creeks, near Martinez4743Contra CostaTermination and New Lease
23Alta MonroeA2139GL-Res&Recportion of residence, dock, deck and appurtenant facilitiesMare Island Strait, adjacent to 32 Sandy Beach Road, near Vallejo5882SolanoAssignment
24East Bay Regional Park DistrictA2545GL-PApublic fishing pierCarquinez Strait at Eckley Cove, near Crockett7834Contra CostaRenewal
25Etta L. Malinowski, as TrusteeA2569GL-Reccovered single-berth boat dock, an uncovered boat dock, gangway, and eight pilingsSacramento River, adjacent to 17300 Long Island Road, at Long Island, near Walnut Grove6177SacramentoRenewal
26Terminous Road, LLC, a California Limited Liability CompanyGL-Recuncovered floating three-berth boat dock, gazebo, pumphouse, boat lift, gangway, five pilings, debris diverter and utility conduitsGeorgiana Slough, adjacent to 16925 Terminous Road, near Isleton8489SacramentoTermination and New Lease
27Paradise Investment Properties Group, LLCGL-Comcommercial marina, now known as Paradise Outrigger Marina, consisting of six covered boat sheds with approximately 76 berths of various lengths with electrical and water hookups, one uncovered guest dock with finger and approximately 1,000 feet of side-ties, gas dock, with one marine fuel dispenser and hose reel, two restrooms with showers, laundry room, patio, a portion of a restaurant and bar, and bank protection; and one-time maintenance dredging of up to a maximum of 12,000 cubic yardsThree Mile Slough at Sherman Island, adjacent to 17641 Sherman Island East Levee Road, near Rio Vista3934SacramentoTermination and New Lease; Sublease; and Agreement and Consent to Encumber
28Ruth A. Rodgers and Michael B. MacQuarrieGL-Rec&Resresidence with walkway, dock, ramp, boat lift and floatCorte Madera Creek, adjacent to 30 Lucky Drive, near Greenbrae9472MarinPulled
29Riverside LTD, a Limited PartnershipGL-Indone two-pile dolphin, two five-pile dolphins, one four-pile dolphin, a belt conveyor and wharfSacramento River, adjacent to 14712 State Highway 160, near Isleton562SacramentoRent Review
30Julie MaccarinA2696GL-Recboat dock, two pilings, walkway, and rampCorte Madera Creek, adjacent to 52 Greenbrae Boardwalk, Greenbrae9284MarinTermination and New Lease
31Santa Fe Aggregates, Inc., a California CorporationGL-R/Waggregate conveyor bridge right-of-way crossinghistoric and present bed of the Tuolumne River, near Waterford5409StanislausNew Lease
32James Thorpe White and Jennie Darsie White, Trustee of The River House TrustA2646GL-Rec&PSboat dock with slip, gangway, electrical and water conduits, six pilings, and bank protectionSan Joaquin River, adjacent to 18650 Sherman Island East Levee Road, Rio Vista8907SacramentoRenewal
33Donald William Aase and Judith Ellen Aase, TrusteesGL-Rec&PStwo planter areas with rock retaining walls, riprap bankline protection, an aluminum stairway and gangway with railing, floating walkway, and floating boat dockColorado River, adjacent to 1142 Beach Drive, Needles9132San BernardinoTermination and New Lease
34Rosa BermeoA2510GL-Recportion of a common boat dockHuntington Harbour, adjacent to 16242 Piedmont Circle, Huntington Beach7424OrangeRenewal
35Michael McCoy, as TrusteeA2735GL-Recboat dock, access ramp and cantilevered deckMain Channel of Huntington Harbour, adjacent to 17011 Bolero Lane, Huntington Beach3570OrangeAssignment
36Merced Irrigation District and Turlock Irrigation DistrictA2640GL-PAsix overhead electrical transmission lines and one overhead fiber-optic lineMerced River, near Livingston7874MercedRenewal
37David Mosher and Maureen Sheila Mosher, Trustees, or any Successor TrusteeA2265GL-Reca portion of a common boat dockHuntington Harbour, adjacent to 16246 Piedmont Circle, Huntington Beach7426OrangeRenewal
38Santa Barbara County Flood Control DistrictA2500GL-PAremoval of obstructive vegetation and sedimentDavis Creek in the Burton Mesa Ecological Reserve, near Vandenberg Village9432Santa BarbaraRenewal
39San Diego Gas and Electric CompanyGL-R/W500-kilovolt (kV) overhead electric transmission lineState indemnity school land in a portion of Sections 27 and 28, T16S R9E, SBM, northwest of Coyote Wells8909ImperialRent Review
40The Regents of University of California San DiegoGL-PAtwo laser strainmeter facilities, one overhead 3 kW (kilowatt) power line, and an unimproved dirt roadState indemnity school land in a portion of Section 4, T11S R10E, SBM, near Salton City8646ImperialRent Review
41City of Long Beach (Grantee)W 17166Accept Final Report and Closing Statement for the Long Beach Unit Annual Plan (07/01/2019 - 06/30/2020)Long Beach Unit, Wilmington Oil FieldLos Angeles
42Sacramento Area Flood Control AgencyA2722Geological Survey Permitcollect geological information by drilling two shallow boringsadjacent to the Sacramento River9642SacramentoInitialization
43CSLCLegislative Report providing information and a status update concerning state legislation relative to the CommissionStatewide
44CSLCInformational update on efforts to develop the Commission's 2021-2025 Strategic Plan and to solicit comments and suggestions from stakeholdersStatewideInformational
45ORNI 5 LLCA2079Geothermal Leaseallowing surface occupancy and drilling of up to four geothermal wells9643ImperialInitialization
45ORNI 5 LLCA2230Mineral Resource Leasesubsurface directional drilling of up to four wells9644ImperialInitialization
EO RptSDC Tahoe City, LLCGL-Comcommercial pierLake Tahoe, adjacent to 950 North Lake Boulevard, Tahoe City3495PlacerRent Continuation
EO RptChambers Landing Partnership, a California General PartnershipGL-Comcommercial pier and bar/clubhouseLake Tahoe, adjacent to 6500 West Lake Boulevard, near Homewood5499PlacerRent Continuation
EO RptSki Run Marina, LLC, a Delaware limited liability companyGL-Com71 mooring buoys, eight marker buoys, three piers and associated authorized activities related to the operation of a commercial marina known as Ski Run MarinaLake Tahoe, adjacent to 900 Ski Run Boulevard, city of South Lake Tahoe8655El DoradoRent Continuation