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Meeting Date: 2020-06-23

Item/Link Name Work Order/App Number Lease/Permit Type Improvements Location Lease/Permit Number Other County Status
01Andrew D. Abramson and Amanda K. AbramsonA2366GL-Recpier, two mooring buoys, and boat liftLake Tahoe, adjacent to 3860 North Lake Boulevard, near Carnelian Bay9624PlacerInitialized
02Alan K. Austin and Marianne P. Austin, Trustees; and Eric S. O'Brien and Suzanne D. O'Brien, TrusteesA2368GL-Recjoint-use pier, two boat lifts, and four mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 850 and 860 West Lake Boulevard, near Tahoe City5801PlacerPulled
036M, LLC, a Washington limited liability companyA2367GL-Recpier, boathouse, boat hoist, sundeck with stairs and two mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 4480 North Lake Boulevard, near Carnelian Bay4857PlacerTermination and New Lease
04A2243GL-PAtemporary construction staging area for the mooring of construction equipment associated with the Feather River Bridge Scour Repair ProjectFeather River, adjacent to the Feather River Bridge, near Marysville and Yuba City9625Sutter, YubaInitialized
05Central Valley Flood Protection BoardW 27165GL-PAlevee erosion repair sites, and bank protectionSacramento River, San Joaquin River, Cache Slough, Haas Slough, Elk Slough, Georgiana Slough, Lindsey Slough, and Steamboat Slough9626Colusa, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Solano, Stanislaus, Sutter, YoloInitialized
06County of ShastaGL-PAtwo-lane bridge, known as the Adobe Road BridgeAnderson Creek, near Adobe Land and Reading Island, near Cottonwood3349ShastaNew Lease
07David B. Coward and Linda J. Coward, as Trustees; and John F. Kautz and Kurt Kautz and Sandra KautzA2223GL-Recjoint-use pier, two boat lifts, and two mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 8193 and 8201 Meeks Bay Avenue, near Meeks Bay7258El DoradoNew Lease
08D. A. Dabbagh and Jeanne M. Dabbagh, Trustees; Donald R. Johnson and Laura K. Johnson, Trustees; and Linda Bullock Merrifield, TrusteeGL-Recmulti-parcel joint-use pier, two freshwater intake pipelines, and two mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 3031 and 3035 Jameson Beach Road, near Camp Richardson5263El DoradoNew Lease
09Eureka Ready Mix Concrete Co., Inc.A2257GL-R/Wseasonal bridge crossingEel River, near Fortuna7988HumboldtRenewal
10Gates Tahoe House LLC, a California limited liability companyA2294GL-Recpier, boathouse, boatlift, sundeck with stairs, and two mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 1320 West Lake Boulevard, near Tahoe City5913PlacerRenewal
11C. Don Huff, Jr., Trustee of the Exemption Trust; and C. Don Huff, Jr., Trustee of the Survivor's TrustA2036GL-Recpier, boat house with a pitched roof, boat lift, and two mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 4150 Ferguson Avenue, near Carnelian Bay4229PlacerRenewal
12Humboldt Redwood Company, LLC, a Delaware Limited Liability CompanyGL-R/Wseasonal bridge crossingEel River, near Scotia7171HumboldtRenewal
13Christopher H. Legallet and Marie Legallet, TrusteesA2370GL-Recpier, boat lift, ramp, and catwalk, one mooring buoy and a freshwater intake pipelineLake Tahoe, adjacent to 6956 Pomin Avenue, near Tahoma9295PlacerAmendment
144970 West Lake, LLC, a California limited liability company; and Jeff Hawkins and Megan Myers, Co-Trustees of the Tahoe TrustA2175GL-Recpier, boathouse with boat hoist, and two mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 4970 West Lake Boulevard, near Homewood5652PlacerQuitclaim Deed and New Lease
15Brian C. McCosker and Jacqueline S. McCoskerA2203GL-Recpier and two mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 3051 Jameson Beach Road, near South Lake Tahoe8792El DoradoRenewal
16Mercer-Fraser CompanyA2154GL-R/Wseasonal bridge crossingEel River, near Fortuna7760HumboldtRenewal
17Mercer-Fraser CompanyA2170GL-R/Wseasonal bridge crossingEel River, near Fortuna7797HumboldtRenewal
18Michael Edward Sandler, Trustee, or his Successors in InterestA2475GL-Rectwo mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 7150 North Lake Boulevard, Tahoe Vista8868PlacerRenewal
19Sonoma County Regional ParksA2337GL-PAa nonmotorized boat ramp and rock slope protectionRussian River at Guerneville River Park, near the State Highway 116 Vehicle Bridge, Guerneville9627SonomaInitialized
20Nicksam Properties, LLC, a California limited liability companyGL-Recpier, two boat lifts, catwalk, and three mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 963 Lakeview Avenue, South Lake Tahoe8913El DoradoQuitclaim Deed and New Lease
21Herbert L. Weinman and Beverly B. Weinman, TrusteesA2355GL-Recone mooring buoyLake Tahoe, adjacent to 7480 North Lake Boulevard, near Tahoe Vista6102PlacerRenewal
22Janelle M. Hopps, as Trustee of the Vitznau Trust, and Ryan A. BailyA2547GL-Recboat dock and appurtenant facilitiesSacramento River, adjacent to 3505 Garden Highway, near Sacramento5720SacramentoAssignment
23California Resources Petroleum CorporationGL-R/Wtwo three-inch diameter natural gas gathering lines cased in two eight-inch-diameter natural gas pipelinesbed of Seven Mile Slough, near Isleton8874SacramentoRent Review
24CSLCW 27244Approval of the 2020 Category 2 Black Point Benchmark Rental Ratesovereign land in the Petaluma River, near Black PointMarin
25City of SacramentoA2383GL-PAadditional fish habitat restoration sitesAmerican River between River Mile (RM) 23 and RM 13), near Rancho Cordova and Fair Oaks9574SacramentoAmendment
26Patrick D. Craig and Kathryn A. Craig, TrusteesA2527GL-Recdeck and appurtenant facilitiesMare Island Strait, adjacent to 8 1/2 Sandy Beach Road, near Vallejo6021SolanoAssignment
27John W. Knickerbocker, TrusteeA2526GL-Rec&PSboat dock, appurtenant facilities, and bank protectionSteamboat Slough, adjacent to 14153 Grand Island Road, near Walnut Grove6850SacramentoRenewal
28Leslie F. Lyman, TrusteeA2369GL-Reccovered boat dock, two personal watercraft ramps, and appurtenant facilitiesSacramento River, adjacent to 13600 State Highway 160, near Walnut Grove8580SacramentoNew Lease
29Mark E. Morais and Linda S. Morais, Trustees, or their successors in interestA2546GL-Otheraccommodation dock, and appurtenant facilitiesNorth Mokelumne River, adjacent to 14743 Walnut Grove-Thornton Road, Walnut Grove9628SacramentoInitialized
30Karen Patrick and William W. Jackson, as Co-Trustees of the Jana L. Jackson Revocable TrustA2418GL-Rec&PSboat dock, and appurtenant facilitiesSacramento River, adjacent to 2211 Garden Highway, Sacramento5726SacramentoRenewal
31Pacific Gas and Electric CompanyA2043GL-R/W39 pipelines; transportation, distribution, and gathering pipelines to transport natural gasSacramento River, Colusa and Butte County; Sacramento River, Butte and Glenn County; Sacramento River, Colusa and Sutter County; Feather River, Sutter and Yuba County; Sacramento River, Sacramento and Yolo County; Petaluma River, Sonoma County; Napa River, Napa County; Mokelumne River, San Joaquin County; Sacramento River, Sacramento County; North and South Mokelumne River, Sacramento and San Joaquin County; Sacramento River, Sacramento and Solano County; Tuolumne River, Stanislaus County; Merced River, Merced County; San Joaquin River, Stanislaus County5438-BButte, Colusa, Glenn, Merced, Napa, Sacramento, San Joaquin, SolanoAmendment
32SFPP, L.P.A2420GL-R/W30 petroleum pipelines, measuring from 4 inches to 20 inchesFeather River, Sutter and Yuba Counties; American River, Sacramento River, Sacramento and Yolo Counties; Mokelumne River, San Joaquin County; San Joaquin River, Burns Cut-Off, San Joaquin County; Stanislaus River, San Joaquin and Stanislaus County; T9042Contra Costa, Fresno, Merced, Sacramento, San JoaquinAmendment
33Christine Schultz and Alan D. CollenetteA2302GL-Rec&PSboat dock, appurtenant facilities, and bank protectionCorte Madera Creek, adjacent to 19 Boardwalk One, near Larkspur5321MarinAssignment
34The Woodbridge Golf & Country Club, a California corporationA2327GL-R/Wpedestrian bridgeMokelumne River, adjacent to 800 East Woodbridge Road, Woodbridge5028San JoaquinRenewal
35Bolsa Chica ConservancyA2495GL-OtherBolsa Chica Interpretive Center and other related activities associated with the Center's ProgramsBolsa Chica Lowlands, adjacent to 3842 Warner Avenue, Huntington Beach8685OrangeQuitclaim Deed and New Lease
36California Department of TransportationA2029R/W (101.5 S+H)repairs to Pacific Coast Highway / Highway 1Pacific Ocean, between Big Sycamore Canyon and Point Sand Dune, near Point Mugu9629VenturaInitialized
37City of MendotaW 27079GL-PAbridge, and a water pipelineFresno Slough, near Mendota9630FresnoInitialized
38Donald G. Goodwin, TrusteeA2544GL-Rec&PSboat dock, access ramp, cantilevered deck, and bulkhead protectionMain Channel of Huntington Harbour, adjacent to 16492 Somerset Lane, Huntington Beach3164OrangeRenewal
39Steven A. Lovato and Karen L. Lovato, TrusteesGL-Recboat dock, access ramp, and cantilevered deckMidway Channel of Huntington Harbour, adjacent to 3442 Gilbert Drive, Huntington Beach3079OrangePulled
40Naoki KawaiA2210GL-Recboat dock, access ramp, and cantilevered deckMain Channel of Huntington Harbour, adjacent to 16807 Bolero Lane, Huntington Beach4097OrangeNew Lease
41Richard G. Lewis and Sandra A. Lewis, Co-TrusteesA2312GL-Recboat dock, access ramp and cantilevered deckMain Channel of Huntington Harbour, adjacent to 16472 Malden Circle, Huntington Beach3563OrangeRenewal
42Wardner Jason Nezat and Carol Ann NezatA2334GL-PSseacave/notch filladjacent to 205 Pacific Avenue, Solana Beach8185San DiegoNew Lease
43Son Nguyen and Thuy Duong LeW 27015 / A2095GL-Recboat dock, access ramp, and cantilevered deckMain Channel of Huntington Harbour, adjacent to 16852 Coral Cay Lane, Huntington Beach9631OrangeInitialized
44Alastair Oldfield, TrusteeA2201GL-Recboat dockMain Channel of Huntington Harbour, adjacent to 16571 Carousel Lane, Huntington Beach4098OrangeRenewal
45Pacific Gas and Electric CompanyGL-R/W115kV overhead transmission line and 12kV overhead transmission linebed of the Kings River, near Reedley8877FresnoRent Review
46Paradise Cove Land Company, LLCGL-Comcommercial and recreational pierPacific Ocean, at Paradise Cove, Malibu391Los AngelesNew Lease
47Humberto S. Mendez and Anamary A. Mendez, TrusteesA2305GL-Recboat dock, access ramp, and cantilevered deckMain Channel of Huntington Harbour, adjacent to 16522 Somerset Lane, Huntington Beach3166OrangeTermination and New Lease
48Stephen W. Prochnow and Karen E. Prochnow as Co-TrusteesGL-Recboat dock, access ramp, and cantilevered deckMidway Channel of Huntington Harbour, adjacent to 3472 Gilbert Drive, Huntington Beach3252OrangeNew Lease
49Raymond Wang and Shirley Xiaoling Wang, TrusteesA2195GL-Recboat dock, access ramp, and cantilevered deckHuntington Harbour, adjacent to 16795 Bolero Lane, Huntington Beach3855OrangeAssignment
50RTI Infrastructure, Inc.W 27214GL-R/Wone 2-inch-diameter subsea fiber-optic cable and four 6-inch-diameter steel conduitsPacific Ocean, Pismo State Beach, Grover Beach9632San Luis ObispoInitialized
51Robert G. Sebring and Gail Sebring, TrusteesA2499GL-Reccantilevered deckMain Channel of Huntington Harbour, adjacent to 16402 Grimaud Lane, Huntington Beach8881OrangeRenewal
52IP Athos, LLC and IP Athos II, LLCA2514GL-R/WAdd a co-lesseeState-owned school land in Section 16, T5S R16E, SBM, northeast of Desert Center9579RiversidePulled
53Southern California Edison CompanyGL-R/W500 Kv overhead electric transmission line, including two steel lattice towers and an unimproved access roadState school land within a portion of Section 36, T5S R15E, SBM, near Desert Center8880RiversideRent Review
54Big Beau Solar, LLCA2599Geological Survey Permiteventual development of a solar facilityState school land within Section 34, T10N R14W, SBM9633KernInitialized
55Fort Caddy California CorporationW 40991Min Prospect Pmtapproximately 269 acres of State Reserved Mineral Interest school land in Section 36, T8N R5E, SBM, approximately 16 miles SE of Newberry SpringsSan BernardinoPulled
56Che Sheng Chao and Wei Yuan Chao; Keith Kai Tsu and Carmelita Ko; Burk H. Chung and Mary A.L. Chung; Charles Nip and Patricia Nip; Raymond K. Li and Chi F. Li; and Kwok Hung Szeto and Nikki SzetoGL-Comamendment to defer rent due to impacts from Covid-19; for commercial parking lotSan Francisco Bay in Burlingame4683San MateoAmendment
56Burlingame Bay AssociatesGL-Comamendment to defer rent due to impacts from Covid-19; for commercial development that includes restaurant, parking lot, lagoon, footbridge, paved pedestrian path, landscaping, and shoreline protectionSan Francisco Bay, adjacent to 60 Bay View Place, Burlingame4687San MateoAmendment
57CSLC and City of Long BeachW 503.2118Approve 2020 Long Beach Tidelands Dry Gas Price AgreementWilmington Oil FieldLos Angeles
58CSLC; Jerel D. Elliott, Jr.; Sacramento County Sheriff; Marine Enforcement DetailRemove and dispose of abandoned vessel CF 5601 CK or to recoup costs of removal and disposalSacramento River, near ClarksburgSacramento
59City of Long Beach (Trustee)G 05-03Review tideland oil revenue expenditure in an amount not to exceed $300,000 for one capital improvement projecton legislatively granted sovereign land in the City of Long BeachLos Angeles
60San Francisco Port Commission; City and County of San Francisco; CSLCG 11-01Public Trust Land Exchange Agreementinvolving public streets located within the City and County of San FranciscoAD 683San Francisco
61CSLCLegislative Report providing information and status update concerning state legislation relevant to the CommissionStatewideInformational
62CSLCW 10442, W 16001Report on the continued monitoring of possible subsidenceLong Beach Unit, Wilmington Oil FieldLos AngelesInformational
63CSLCInformational update on efforts to develop the Commission's 2021-2025 Strategic Plan and solicit comments and suggestions from stakeholdersStatewideInformational
64Lone Pine Paiute-Shoshone Reservation; CSLCSA 5773Issuance of a patent38.75 gross acres of State-owned School land in Section 36, T18S R36E, MDM, north of CartagoInyo
65Orni 5 LLCA2079Geothermal Res Lse2,016 acres, within Sections 32 and 34, T10S R10E, and within Sections 4 and 10, T11S R10E, SBMImperialPulled
65Orni 5 LLCA2230Geothermal Res Lseapproximately 723 acres, within Sections 10 and 16, T11S R10E, SBM, SW of the Salton Sea Geothermal Field, within the Truckhaven areaImperialPulled
EO RptAT&T CorporationGL-R/Wfive 5-inch diameter steel conduits and two fiber optic cables (Segment 8 and Segment 9) within two steel conduits, which constitute a portion of the Japan-US Cable Network SystemPacific Ocean, offshore of Manchester State Beach8203MendocinoRent Continuation
EO RptAT&T CorporationGL-R/Wone fiber optic cable, identified as the south end of Segment 9, which constitutes a portion of the Japan-US Fiber Optic Cable NetworkPacific Ocean, offshore of Montana de Oro State Park8204San Luis ObispoRent Continuation
EO RptMartin Resorts, Inc.GL-PSrock riprap shoreline protective structures, portions of a retaining wall, and sand fillPacific Ocean, adjacent to 2411, 2555, 2575, and 2651 Price Street, Pismo Beach4698San Luis ObispoRent Continuation