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Meeting Date: 2019-10-24

Item/Link Name Work Order/App Number Lease/Permit Type Improvements Location Lease/Permit Number Other County Status
EO RptDevil's Isle, Inc.GL-Rec+PSuncovered floating boat dock with four single berth slips, three ramps, covered swimming float and bank protectionWhite Slough and Little Potato Slough, adjacent to 14501 West Eight Mile Road, near the city of StocktonPRC 6548.1San JoaquinRent Continuation
EO RptPacific Gas and Electric CompanyGL-R/W30-inch diameter steel natural gas pipelineSacramento River, adjacent to Sutter County APN 35-330-020 and Yolo County APN 057-050-03, north of the city of WoodlandPRC 8856.1Yolo SutterRent Continuation
1Warren S. Bray and Darlene Pearson Bray, as TrusteesGL-Recjoint-use pier and two mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 2880 Lake Terrace Avenue, near Tahoe City4124.1PlacerRenewal
2Bruck-McLain Properties, a General Partnership; Gary R. Sitzmann and Lindy Lou SitzmannGL-Recpier; boat lift; and three mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 6960 West Lake Boulevard, near Tahoma3368.1PlacerQuitclaim and New Lease
3Pacific Gas and Electric CompanyA2171Indemnification AgmtIndemnify the State for any harm that may occur or arise from the installation, operation, and maintenance of the PG&E gas pipeline on the Bridgeon the Airport Road Bridge, in the Sacramento River, near AndersonPRC 505.1Shasta
4Pacific Gas and Electric CompanyW 27220 A2075Indemnification AgmtIndemnify the State for any harm that may occur or arise from the installation, operation, and maintenance of the PG&E electrical conduits on the bridgeon the Washington Street Bridge, in the Petaluma River, adjacent to North Water Street and River Plaza, PetalumaPRC 3987.9SonomaAmendment
5Camp Richardson Resort, Inc.A2069GL-Comcommercial marina facility known as Camp Richardson Marina; consisting of an commercial fixed pier, floating pier extension, 110 mooring buoys, four marker buoys, boat ramp, two fuel dispensers, placement of a seasonal swim area, shuttle and tour boaLake Tahoe, adjacent to 3001 Jameson Beach Road, South Lake TahoePRC 5859.1El DoradoAmendment
6City of NapaA2033GL-PA36-inch-diameter water transmission mainunder the Napa River near Napa3759.9NapaRenewal
7The Trustees of RSF 2010 West Lake Boulevard TrustA2096GL-Recpier and three mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 2010 West Lake Boulevard, near Tahoe City4057.1PlacerQuitclaim and New Lease
8Max W. Day and Alvena V. Day as Trustees; and Robert C. Marvin and Nancy K. Marvin, TrusteesGL-Recjoint-use pier, boathouse with boat lift, and two mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 4760 West Lake Boulevard, near Homewood4866.1PlacerNew Lease
9FarOutlook, LLC, a California limited liability companyA2199GL-Rectwo mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 4116 Ferguson Avenue, near Carnelian Bay9591.1PlacerInitialized
10Hawkins Insulation Company, Inc. and 5620 West Lake Partners, LLC, a Texas limited liability companyGL-Recjoint-use pier, boat lift, and four mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 5620 And 5650 West Lake Boulevard, near Homewood5884.1PlacerQuitclaim and New Lease
11KJM Holdings, LLCW 27144 A2151GL-Recpier modification and installation of safety railings, three bumpers, ladder, and stairs; and pier and two mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 8726 Brockway Vista Avenue, near Kings Beach9590.1PlacerInitialized
12LCOF Lake Tahoe Investment LLC, a Delaware limited liability companyA2130GL-Comcommercial marina facility known as Timber Cove Lodge Marina consisting of a pier with a restaurant building and retail building, a fueling facility, two personal watercraft string lines, 80 mooring buoys, and two channel markersLake Tahoe, adjacent to 3411 Lake Tahoe Boulevard, near South Lake TahoePRC 3981.1El DoradoAmendment
13John Charles Hodge and Stacey Keare, trusteesGL-Recpier; pierhead; a boat lift and adjustable catwalk; one mooring buoy; and one freshwater intake pipeline with electrical conduit and pumpLake Tahoe, adjacent to 5372 North Lake Boulevard, near Carnelian Bay4476.1PlacerTermination and New Lease
14William A.S. Magrath II and Judith B. Magrath as TrusteesA2149GL-Recpier; catwalk and gangway; and two mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 8357 Meeks Bay Avenue, near Meeks Bay8938.1El DoradoQuitclaim and New Lease
15Joseph A. McCarthy, Trustee; and John F. Brennan and Lisa BrennanA2160GL-Recjoint-use pier, two boat lifts, and four mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 4170 and 4176 Ferguson Avenue, near Carnelian Bay3652.1PlacerRenewal
16L. Tim Rochford and Carol RochfordA2073GL-Recpier, two boathouses, three boat lifts and one boat hoistLake Tahoe, adjacent to 1340 West Lake Boulevard, near Tahoe City7277.1PlacerTermination and New Lease
17Michael R. Raftery and Georgianne RafteryGL-Recpier and boat liftLake Tahoe, adjacent to APN 092-180-008; 4350 North Lake Boulevard, near Carnelian Bay6540.1PlacerRenewal
18Shasta County Department of Public WorksA2133GL-PAvehicular and pedestrian bridge; four 4-inch diameter conduits, one of which contains a fiber optic cable used by AT&T, one 3-inch diameter conduit containing a fiber optic cable used by Charter Communications, Inc.Sacramento River, near the city of AndersonPRC 505.1ShastaAmendment
19Sheldra J. Perry, Trustee; and Sheldra Joy Perry, TrusteeGL-Rectwo mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 1920 West Lake Boulevard, near Tahoe City8381.1PlacerRenewal
20Simpson Paper CompanyGL-R/Wfor caretaker status of a 36-inch inside diameter and a 48-inch inside diameter non-operational effluent outfall pipelinesPacific Ocean, at 3000 New Navy Base Road, near Eureka3393.1HumboldtRenewal
21Tahoe Keys Property Owners AssociationA2245GL-Recportion of a pierLake Tahoe, adjacent to 356 Ala Wai Boulevard, South Lake TahoeEl DoradoPulled
22Arthur Wallace and Alfia Amanda WallaceA2163GL-Recpier; and a floating boat dockDonner Lake, adjacent to 14096 South Shore Drive, near Truckee9592.1NevadaInitialized
23Aspen Pines, LLC, a Nevada Limited Liability CompanyGL-Comuncovered accommodation dock with an attached covered single berth dock with landing, nine pilings and gangwaySteamboat Slough, adjacent to 13415 Grand Island Road, near Walnut GrovePRC 3935.1SacramentoRent Review
24Michelle Barnes and David BarnesA2138GL-Recboat dock, hydro lift, gangway, four pilings, two electrical outlets, and personal watercraft liftGeorgiana Slough, adjacent to 17191 Terminous Road, near Isleton5800.1SacramentoNew Lease
25The Bermudez Family Trust, Eduardo S. Bermudez and Rita B. Bermudez, Trustors and/or TrusteesGL-Rec+PScovered boat dock with slip, gangway, four pilings, two electrical boxes, and bank protectionSacramento River, adjacent to 2427 Garden Highway, city of Sacramento7357.1SacramentoRenewal
26California Department of TransportationA2131R/W S+H 101.5four bridge structures with two new bridge structures over the Cosumnes River and the Cosumnes River Overflow and use of a temporary construction easementCosumnes River near Elk Grove9593.9SacramentoInitialized
27Pacific Gas and Electric CompanyW 27224Indemnification AgmtIndemnify the State for any harm that may occur or arise from the installation, operation, and maintenance of the PG&E gas pipeline on the bridgeon the Hickman Road Bridge, in the Tuolumne River, near WaterfordPRC 2961.9Stanislaus
28Mary Margaret McNallyA2111GL-Reca boat dock, a boat dock and slip, three pilings, gangway, ramp, and concrete boat-launch rampSteamboat Slough, adjacent to 13962 Grand Island Road, near Walnut Grove5910.1SacramentoTermination and New Lease
29Central Contra Costa Sanitary DistrictGL-PAtwo buried box pipes, approximately 6 feet by 7.5 feet and 8.5 feet by 4.5 feet, for wastewater conveyanceGrayson Creek, near Martinez7742.9Contra CostaRenewal
30City of Sacramento; Sacramento River Tours, LLC, dba Sacramento Jetboat ExcursionsA2074GL-PAUse and maintenance of docks, walkways, access ramps, floating vessels, and any other structure necessary or appurtenant to the development of the lease premises and for the mooring of vessels.Sacramento River in Old Sacramento, between the I Street bridge and the Tower bridge, city of Sacramento7001.1SacramentoSublease
31Couchman Bros., a California General PartnershipA2100GL-PSbank protectionTuolumne River, adjacent to 3131 Illinois Avenue, near Modesto6865.1StanislausRenewal
32County of San JoaquinA2120GL-PAbridge commonly known as the Tracy Boulevard Bridge, Bridge No. 29C-073Middle River, Tracy Boulevard, near Tracy4724.9San JoaquinRenewal
33CPN Pipeline CompanyGL-R/W8-inch-diameter steel natural gas transmission pipelineNew York Slough, San Joaquin River, and Sacramento River, near Pittsburg, Contra Costa, Sacramento, and Solano countiesPRC 4699.1Contra Costa Sacramento SolanoRenewal
34KoKet Resort LLCGL-Comcommercial marina, known as KoKet Resort, consisting of 18 existing boat docks with gangways, launch ramp, fuel dock with gangway, an accommodation dock with gangway, 14 existing wood decks, electrical and water utility outlets, two bulkheads with fiSacramento River, adjacent to 14174 Isleton Road, near Walnut GrovePRC 2049.1SacramentoRent Review
35Ansley MajitA2214GL-Recportion of deck and dockCorte Madera Creek, adjacent to 35 Boardwalk One, near LarkspurPRC 9488.1MarinAmendment
36Pacific Gas and Electric CompanyA2057GL-R/W11 natural gas pipeline crossingsCorte Madera Creek, Marin County; Mokelumne River, San Joaquin County; Mokelumne River, Sacramento and San Joaquin County; San Joaquin River, San Joaquin County; Tuolumne River, San Joaquin and Stanislaus County; San Joaquin River, Fresno and MaderaPRC 5438-C.1Fresno Madera Marin Sacramento San Joaquin StanislausAmendment
37Rancho Murieta Community Services DistrictA2126GL-PAoperation and maintenance of three 12-inch diameter service pipelines located on a pedestrian bridge commonly known as the Old Yellow BridgeCosumnes River, near Rancho Murieta7765.1SacramentoRenewal
38Curtis D. Rapton, Trustee and Rossana Rapton, TrusteeGL-Recboat dock with boat slip, dolphin, gangway, one piling and a personal watercraft dockSacramento River, adjacent to 3045 Garden Highway, near Sacramento5578.1SacramentoRenewal
39Trilogy Homes, Inc., a California corporationA2122GL-Recboat dock, gangway, and five pilingsSacramento River, adjacent to 14554 State Highway 160, near Walnut Grove3910.1SacramentoNew Lease
40Peter Chau and Hsiao-Fen ChenW 27028GL-Recboat dock, access ramp, and cantilevered deckMain Channel of Huntington Harbour, adjacent to 17031 Bolero Lane, Huntington Beach9587.1OrangeInitialized
41City of CoronadoA2132GL-PApublic recreation, including lifeguarding and beach maintenancePacific Ocean, at Coronado Municipal Beach, city of CoronadoPRC 3691.9San DiegoAmendment
42City of Los Angeles Department of Water and PowerA2082GL-Inda non-operational underwater electrode array and related structures; and a new underwater electrode array and related structuresPacific Ocean, in Santa Monica Bay, near the city of Santa Monica; Will Rodgers State BeachPRC 4480.9Los AngelesAmendment
43City of Los Angeles Department of Water and PowerGL-PAeight groundwater monitoring wellsthree locations in the dry lake bed of Owens LakePRC 8899.9InyoTermination
43City of Los Angeles Department of Water and PowerGL-PAhydraulic monitoring structures, flow monitoring infrastructure, and seven piezometerslakebed of Owens LakePRC 9193.9InyoTermination
43City of Los Angeles Department of Water and PowerA2045GL-PAcollection of hydrologic monitoring data and groundwater wells, flumes, and piezometerssovereign land on the dry lakebed of Owens Lake9597.9InyoInitialized
44Jack A. Domingue and Pamela Lynn DomingueW 27004 A2125GL-Recboat dock, access ramp, and cantilevered deckMidway Channel of Huntington Harbour, adjacent to 3571 Courtside Circle, Huntington Beach9594.1OrangeInitialized
45Duncan Frederick and Lynda FrederickA2129GL-Recboat dock, access ramp, and cantilevered deckMain Channel of Huntington Harbour adjacent to 16721 Carousel Lane, Huntington Beach8304.1OrangeNew Lease
46Franklin W. Gibson and Sandra J. GibsonW 27031 A2108GL-Recboat dock, access ramp, and cantilevered deckMain Channel of Huntington Harbour, adjacent to 16991 Bolero Lane, Huntington Beach9588.1OrangeInitialized
47Abdolazim Joharchi and Cezane JoharchiW 27009 A2124GL-Recfloating boat dock, access ramp, and cantilevered deckMain Channel of Huntington Harbour, adjacent to 16922 Coral Cay Lane, Huntington Beach9595.1OrangeInitialized
48John Eugene Kompaniez, TrusteeA2113GL-Rec+PSboat dock, access ramp, cantilevered deck, and bulkhead protectionMain Channel of Huntington Harbour, adjacent to 16581 Carousel Lane, city of Huntington Beach4443.1OrangeRenewal
49Robert Lienau Jr. and Carol Lienau, Co-TrusteesW 27025 A2144GL-Recboat dock, access ramp, and cantilevered deckMain Channel of Huntington Harbour, adjacent to 16642 Coral Cay Lane, Huntington Beach9586.1OrangeInitialized
50Marine BioEnergy, Inc.A2150GL-Otherplacement and monitoring of up to four Kelp Elevators (research moorings), and data collection in two phases, as follows: Phase 1: two elevators at Site 1, shallow water site; and Phase 2: either one elevator at Site 2, deep water site, or two elev....PRC 9400.1Los AngelesAmendment
51Anthony F. Menard and Brenna M. Menard, TrusteesW 27019 A2084GL-Recboat dock, access ramp, and cantilevered deckMain Channel of Huntington Harbour, adjacent to 16782 Coral Cay Lane, Huntington Beach9585.1OrangeInitialized
52Oak Hills Estate, LLCW 27186GL-Otherhabitat restoration and mitigationBurton Mesa Ecological Reserve near LompocPRC 9570.1Santa BarbaraInitialized
53Steven Ramelot, TrusteeGL-Recboat dock, access ramp, and cantilevered deckMain Channel of Huntington Harbour, adjacent to 16442 Malden Circle, Huntington BeachPRC 3086.1OrangeRent Review
54Waseem A. Samaan and Nanla Samaan Called TrusteesW 27003 A2105GL-Recboat dock, access ramp, and cantilevered deckMidway Channel of Huntington Harbour, adjacent to 3575 Courtside Circle, Huntington Beach9584.1OrangeInitialized
55San Luis Obispo County Parks and Recreation DepartmentA2097GL-PApublic recreational use pierPacific Ocean, Cayucos State Beach, Cayucos5589.9San Luis ObispoRenewal
56Wendy Weiss Sawyer, Trustee of the Malden Irrevocable TrustA2156GL-Recboat dock, access ramp and cantilevered deckMain Channel of Huntington Harbour, adjacent to 16462 Malden Circle, city of Huntington BeachPRC 8810.1OrangeRenewal
57The Abalone Farm, Inc.A2141GL-R/Wabandoned 8-inch-diameter PVC ocean saltwater intake pipeline, two 18-inch-diameter PVC intake pipelines, one 10-inch-diameter PVC intake pipeline, and one 8-inch-diameter PVC intake pipeline; all encased in concretePacific Ocean, near Cayucos7326.1San Luis ObispoRenewal
58Michael J. ThermosW 27032 A2136GL-Recboat dock, access ramp, and cantilevered deckMain Channel of Huntington Harbour, adjacent to 16871 Bolero Lane, Huntington Beach9589.1OrangeInitialized
59William H. Wilson, Successor Trustee of the William H. Wilson and Sarah H. Wilson Family TrustGL-Recboat dock, access ramp, and enclosed cantilevered deckMain Channel of Huntington Harbour, adjacent to 16961 Bolero Lane, Huntington BeachPRC 3571.1OrangeNew Lease
60CSLCI1357Notice of Emergency Timber Operationsharvest and sell fire-damaged timberState-owned school land in the NW 1/4 and the N 1/2 of the NE 1/4 of Section 16, T36N R5W, MDM, west of LamoineShasta
61Norbert C. Freitas and Alice FreitasA2119GL-Grazingfencing and livestock grazingState-owned school and lieu land in all of Section 36, T32N R15E, MDM; portions of Sections 7, 17, 18, 19, 20, 30, and all of Section 16, T31N R16E, MDM; and portions of Sections 24, 25, 34, and all of Section 36, T31N R15E, MDM, near LitchfieldPRC 5329.2LassenRenewal
62City of Long BeachW 17166Accept Final Report and Closing Statement for the Long Beach Unit Annual Plan (July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019)Long Beach Unit, Wilmington Oil FieldLos Angeles
63EcoSystems Management Associates, Inc.A2192Geological / Geophysical Survey Permitwithin Permit Regions I, II, III, and IV9598.9 8536StatewideInitialized
64EcoSystems Management Associates, Inc.A2196Geological Survey Permitwithin Permit Regions I, II, III, and IV9599.9StatewideInitialized
65IP Athos III, LLCA2172Other Authorized UseState 100 percent reserved mineral interest school land, located about 2 miles south of the Blythe Airport, near Blythe, in Section 6, T7S R22E, SBM; and Section 11, T7S R21E, SBM9600.2RiversideInitialized
66California State University Maritime AcademyW 9777.234 W 9777.290 W 9777.295Agmtcollect and analyze ballast water discharge samples to assess the performance of ballast water management systemsStatewide
67University of California, San DiegoIFB2019-006Agmtprocure the services of two Science Policy Fellows through the California Sea Grant State Fellows ProgramStatewide
68CSLCPublic Works contractrepair and/or renovation of the SLC Field OfficeHuntington BeachOrange
69Certain Upland Property Owners at Donner LakeW 503.2094Boundary Line and Easement AgreementsDonner Lake, Town of TruckeeAD 671Nevada Placer
70Signal Hill Service, Inc.A2209GL-R/Wfour pipelines and an outfallSanta Barbara Channel, near Rincon PointSanta Barbara VenturaRejected
71United States Department of Veteran AffairsFJ 0119.19Cession of Concurrent Criminal Jurisdictionlands at the Los Angeles Ambulatory Care Center at 351 East Temple Street, Los AngelesLos Angeles
72United States Department of Veteran AffairsFJ 0119.20Cession of Concurrent Criminal Jurisdictionlands at the Sepulveda Ambulatory Care Center at 16111 Plummer Street, Los AngelesLos Angeles
73United States Department of Veteran AffairsFJ 0107.3 FJ 0143.3 FJ 0110.6Cession of Concurrent Criminal Legislative Jurisdictionlands at the Sacramento Veterans Affairs Medical Center at 10535 Hospital Way, Mather; Veterans Affairs Martinez Outpatient Clinic at 150 Muir Road, Martinez; Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Campus at 3801 Miranda Avenue, Palo Alto; and Fresno Veterans Affairs Medical Center at 2615 East Clinton Avenue, FresnoSacramento Contra Costa Santa Clara Fresno
74City of Long BeachG 05-03review tideland oil revenue expenditures for four capital improvement projectson or adjacent to legislatively granted sovereign lands in the City of Long BeachLos Angeles
75Treasure Island Development AuthorityG 11-02Compromise Title Settlement and Land Exchange AgreementTreasure Island and Yerba Buena Island in the City of San FranciscoAD 599San Francisco
76CSLCLegislative Report concerning state legislation relevant to the CommissionStatewideInformational
77CSLCSupport H.R. 3895 and H.R. 4039; legislation to support mitigation efforts and to reduce cross-border pollution from flowing into the United StatesTijuana River ValleyStatewide
78CSLCupdate on the Commission's activities along the Crockett Waterfrontnear the Carquinez bridgeContra CostaInformational
79Equilon Enterprises, LLC dba Shell Oil Products US (Assignor); PBF Holding Company, LLC (Assignee)A2162GL-Indmarine oil terminal wharf and appurtenant facilitiesin the Carquinez Strait, MartinezPRC 4908.1Contra CostaPulled
80The SPHERE InstituteA2234GL-Otherpublic access to and functionality of the San Francisco Bay Trail, including installing protective railing and/or fencing along the edge of the bay, removing exposed rebar, filling sinkholes, improving the trail surface, and installing and repairingfilled and unfilled sovereign land in the historic bed of the San Francisco Bay, at 410 Airport Boulevard, Burlingame9596.1San MateoInitialized
81Poseidon Resources (Surfside) LLCW 25306AMOUprovide site assurance to fulfill mitigation obligations for a proposed desalination facilityBolsa Chica Lowlands Restoration Project area, in the city of Huntington BeachOrangePulled