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Meeting Date Item NAME WO LSE_TYPE Improvements Location PRC_Number Non_PRC County Lease_Status
2023-12-0546California State Lands Commission; Barstow Spanish Trail, LLCN/AConsider amendment to the “Offer to Purchase Real Estate in the County of San Bernardino and Acceptance of Offer to Purchase”approximately 63.3 gross acres of indemnity school lands in BarstowSA 5772San Bernardino
2023-12-0551Ocean Infinity, IncorporatedA4328Permit-Geological Survey PermitCollection of geological information by utilizing percussion, grab, jet, vibracore, box core, and dart sampling methodsStatewide offshore, from the mean high-tide line to 3 miles offshore including granted or ungranted tidelands and submerged lands9772StatewidePending
2023-12-0553California State Lands Commission (Party)W 27242N/AConsider granting authority to the Executive Officer to solicit proposals for consultant services, negotiate a fair and reasonable price, and award and execute an agreement for preparation of the Commission’s 2026-2030 Strategic Plan.Statewide
2023-10-1915Sage Exploration & Production, Inc., a Delaware CorporationA3998General Lease-Right of Way Use6.625-inch-diameter, horizontal directionally drilled (HDD) natural gas pipeline, at a minimum depth of 80 feet below the bottom of the Eel RiverEel River, near Alton8472HumboldtPending
2023-10-1922Ty Sambrailo and Alex SambrailoA4070General Lease-Recreational and Protective Structure Useboat dock, two-pile dolphin, gangway, and bank protectionSacramento River, adjacent to 4603 Garden Highway, Sacramento7212SacramentoPending
2023-10-1924William J. Kuhns and Margaret G. KuhnsA4051General Lease-Recreational and Protective Structure Useboat dock, ramp, six pilings and bank protectionSteamboat Slough, adjacent to 13972 Grand Island Road, Walnut Grove7225SacramentoPending
2023-10-1949Sports Committee District 37 AMA, Inc.A3518General Lease-Right of Way Usedirt roadState school lands in Section 36, T31S R44E, MDM, northwest of Barstow8972San BernardinoPending
2023-10-1954Trina Gould (Party)W 27264N/AConsider taking title to and authorizing the removal and disposal of two abandoned buoysLake Tahoe, near HomewoodPlacerApproved
2023-10-1955Marty and Ronnie Sherman (Parties)W 27264N/AConsider taking title to and authorizing the removal and disposal of an abandoned buoyLake Tahoe, near HomewoodPlacerApproved
2023-08-174City of PetalumaA3725General Lease-Public Agency Usetwo uncovered floating boat docks and three gangways; a platform, ramp, gangway, and utility conduits to accommodate electric and water lines; and extension of one uncovered floating boat dock, 14 pilings, and a floathouse, periodic maintenance dredgPetaluma River, at the Petaluma River Turning Basin, city of Petaluma5607SonomaPending