Valiant safely removed from the water at Mare Island

On January 12, the VALIANT, a 107 ton abandoned WWII-era steel tugboat, broke free from its mooring in Sevenmile Slough, Sacramento County, and drifted into the San Joaquin River navigation channel. The Commission, Sacramento and San Joaquin County Sheriff’s offices, California Department of Fish and Wildlife-Office of Spill Prevention and Response, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and U.S. EPA coordinated to stabilize and demolish the vessel. Roughly 2500 gallons of fuel and oil were removed while the VALIANT was still floating. The agencies safely removed the VALIANT from the water at Mare Island, Vallejo, and abated the remaining hazardous substances and scrapped the vessel the following week.

Scroll through the 30 photos below to see the Valiant tugboat being removed from navigable waters.

Larger view available. Credit: NOAA Office of Response & Restoration. 


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Abandoned Commercial Vessel Removal Plan

AB 2441 (Frazier, 2019) requires the Commission to develop a plan to remove abandoned and derelict commercial vessels in the Sacramento San Joaquin Delta.

Abandoned Commercial Vessel Removal Plan

Best Management Practices

The Commission’s best management practices are advisory and provide guidance to local entities responsible for marine debris removal. The Commission adopted these best management practices in 2016, following the enactment of AB 1323 (Frazier), which required the Commission to adopt best management practices for marine debris removal after consulting with interested state and local entities.

Best Management Practices for Marine Debris Removal