Leases and Permits

Surface and Submerged Lands Lease

There are two versions of the lease application; a short form application and a standard application. Commercial and Industrial use applicants should submit a standard application. Applications for uses such as recreation, protective structures, and lease renewals should use the short form application. Please contact the Land Management Division at (916) 574-1940 for assistance prior to submitting an application, particularly for projects that may involve new construction, reconstruction or improvement modifications. Please submit the fees outlined in the application and ensure you return all of the application pages.

Geothermal, Mineral, or Oil and Gas Lease

Tomales Bay Mooring Lease

The Commission, in partnership with the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, is administering the Tomales Bay Mooring Program. Please contact Nick Lavoie at (916) 574-0452 for assistance or to request a copy of the Tomales Bay Mooring lease application.

Geological and Geophysical Survey Permits

Applications for geological and geophysical surveys must include the below information. If you have questions, please email Chandra Basavalinganadoddi.

  1. A description and map of the state lands involved.
  2. Name, address, and status of citizenship of applicant; if the applicant is a corporation, the corporate name and status, the name of the president, the secretary, and an officer authorized to execute contracts and leases and receive service of process.
  3. A description of the proposed survey methods.
  4. The dates when the survey will commence and finish.
  5. The purpose for conducting the survey.

Additionally, the Commission has an Offshore Low Energy Geophysical Survey Permit Program for surveys of the ocean bottom and marine environment. These permits include terms and conditions to minimize impacts from surveys to marine wildlife and the coastal environment. This Permit applies to data-gathering methods that follow a pre-defined course or spatial grid (i.e., a survey) on state lands extending from the shoreline out to three nautical miles offshore. Acoustic-generating equipment is typically used during surveys to collect information about the underwater environment.

Rent / Benchmarks

Commission lease terms may run from several months to 49 years. Rent is generally based upon a percent of the land value or an established benchmark appraisal. Below is a copy of the benchmarks we use to establish uniform rental rates:


Surface and Submerged Lands Lease Application

Land Management Division
100 Howe Avenue, Suite 100 South
Sacramento,CA 95825
(916) 574-1940

Mineral Lease Application

Mineral Resources Management Division
200 Oceangate, 12th Floor
Long Beach, CA 90802
(562) 590-5201