Next Commission Meeting - October 18, 2018 at 10 a.m.


aerial photo of the port of long beach

The Commission held its August public meeting at the Port of Long Beach. The Mayor of Long Beach, Robert Garcia, welcomed the Commission and expressed the City's gratitude for its many years of collaborative work. Here is a snapshot of some of the significant Commission actions that occurred during the meeting.


The Wildlife Conservation Board, through the Lower American River Conservancy Program, is seeking high quality grant proposals for projects that restore, enhance, interpret, protect, or improve public access to the American River Parkway's natural, recreational, educational, and cultural resources. The Lower American River is a regional jewel in Sacramento County, stretching from Nimbus Dam in Folsom to the confluence with the Sacramento River at Discovery Park. For more information on the grant proposal solicitation, please visit the LARC Program web page.



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