The Commission protects the lands and resources entrusted to its care through balanced management, marine protection and pollution prevention, adaptation to climate change, and ensuring public access to these lands and waters for current and future generations. The Commission is organized into divisions that include the Land Management, External Affairs, Environmental Management and Planning, Mineral Resources Management, and Marine Environmental Protection.

Collaboration and Partnerships

Successful partnerships and collaboration are foundational to serving the people of California. The Commission serves on the California Coastal Commission, San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission, Delta Protection Commission, Ocean Protection Council, Baldwin Hills Conservancy, and the San Joaquin River Conservancy.

Tribal Consultation and Coordination

Tribal consultation is important to the Commission. In August 2016, the Commission adopted a Tribal Policy to provide guidance and consistency in the Commission's interactions with California Native American Tribes.


The Commission offers careers in many disciplines such as public land management, environmental science, engineering, resource management, legal and boundary. We are proud of our commitment to provide a fulfilling work environment with professional development opportunities. The Commission also offers internships that further the educational objectives of students in undergraduate or graduate programs in fields related to the work of the Commission. If you are interested in employment at the Commission or in an internship, please call our personnel office at (916) 574-1910.

Frequently Asked Questions

What lands are under the Commission's jurisdiction?  How do I know if I need a lease from the Commission? Is rent required, and if so, how is rent determined?

Media Room

The Commission's Public Information Officer is the point of contact for news media organizations and the public seeking information about the Commission's programs and activities. The Public Information Officer issues news releases on the Commission's behalf to inform the public and media about public land issues and news. Recent and archived news releases reporting State Lands Commission activities are online.

Prevention First

Prevention First is a pollution prevention symposium and technology exhibition. Experts and professionals from academia, industry, and government from around the country gather at this event to share information and introduce new concepts in pollution prevention that focuses on marine invasive species management, environmental protection, sea-level rise, marine oil terminal engineering and maintenance standards, pipeline safety, risk analysis, many other areas involving maritime safety and pollution prevention.

Public Records Act Requests

The California Legislature has declared that access to information concerning the conduct of the people's business is a fundamental and necessary right of every person in this state. The California Public Records Act, Government Code Sections 6250 to 6270, require the Commission to make public records available for inspection by the public and to provide copies upon request. The Commission endeavors to ensure that all persons understand and are afforded the opportunity to use their right to access public records.

The  External Affairs Division fulfills Public Records Act requests for our records. Please submit your record requests to the Commission's Public Records Act Coordinator

Public Trust Doctrine and the History of the Commission

The common law Public Trust Doctrine protects sovereign lands and waterways for the public's use and enjoyment. The hallmark of the Public Trust Doctrine is that trust lands belong to the public and are used to promote publicly beneficial uses that connect the public to the water.