Eric Gillies

Eric Gillies

Assistant Chief of the Environmental Science, Planning, and Management Division

Eric Gillies began working with the Commission in 2001 as a Staff Environmental Scientist providing technical expertise to Commission staff regarding biological resource issues and reviewing and preparing environmental documents of projects that may potentially affect riverine, wetland, tidal, and estuarine habitats and other aquatic/terrestrial biological resources within the Commission’s jurisdiction. Among many other projects, he has been key in preparing California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) documents for several projects related to offshore oil and gas, including decommissioning relic and legacy infrastructure. For the past eight years, Eric has been the Assistant Chief of the Environmental Science, Planning, and Management Division, managing a team of Environmental Scientists in preparing CEQA documents and ensuring CEQA compliance in support of all actions being brought before the Commission.

Prior to working with the Commission, he worked seasonally with the U.S. Forest Service and East Bay Regional Park District in natural resource management and recreation. He later worked for Caltrans and a private consulting firm in conducting biological assessments, resource agency permitting, and planning and implementing habitat mitigation related to biological impacts from transportation and private development projects. Overall, he has over 28 years of experience in natural resource management, biological resources assessments, environmental impact studies, permitting, and CEQA within the public and private sectors.

Eric earned an AA in Natural Sciences from Ohlone College in 1989, a BA in Environmental Studies from CSU Hayward (now CSU East Bay) in 1992, and an MS in Environmental Studies from San Jose State University in 1998.

Contact: | 916.574.1897