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Meeting Date Item NAME WO LSE_TYPE Improvements Location PRC_Number Non_PRC County Lease_Status
2019-08-232BST III Owners Association, Inc.; Brockway Springs Recreation Area (Sublessee)GL-Recpier with floating dock and gangway, hot springs deck and breakwater, swim area with swim line and float, and 15 mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 9680 Brockway Springs Drive, near Brockway1691.1PlacerPulled
2019-08-237County of SonomaA2123GL-PAseismic retrofitting of Wohler Road Bridgean 80-foot-wide strip, more or less, of sovereign land in the Russian River, near the city of Santa Rosa9166.9SonomaInitialized
2019-08-2316Sandy Mawhsuan Chu and Mike Chiali ChuGL-Rec+PSboat dock, two pilings, ramp, landing, and bank protectionSan Joaquin River, adjacent to 13 Atherton Island, Stockton8999.1San JoaquinTermination and New Lease
2019-08-2325Comcast of California XII, LLCGL-R/Wfiber optic communication cable contained in a three-inch diameter conduitTuolumne River, at the Carpenter Road Bridge, city of Modesto9163.1StanislausRent Review
2019-08-2330Danette S. Smith and Michael D. SmithA2116GL-Rec+PSboat dock, boat lift, two personal watercraft floats, gangway, two pilings, and bank protectionSacramento River, adjacent to 5307 Garden Highway, near Sacramento4777.1SacramentoQuitclaim Deed and New Lease
2019-08-2340Robert E. Sutherland and Betty J. SutherlandA2167GL-Rec+PScovered deck with balustrade, uncovered double-berth floating boat dock with one boat lift and a personal watercraft lift, two wood pilings, ramp, and bank protectionSteamboat Slough, adjacent to 3404 Snug Harbor Drive, on Ryer Island, near Walnut Grove9183.1SolanoAmendment
2019-08-2353Los Angeles County Flood Control DistrictA2063GL-PAtwo box culverts for stormwater dischargePacific Ocean, adjacent to Will Rogers Beach State Park, near Pacific Palisades4216.9Los AngelesRenewal
2019-08-2377Socal Holdings, LLCInformational status update on the terms of the agreement amending State Oil and Gas Leases to reduce idle well counts, create a sinking fund, and modify the price-based sliding scale royaltyHuntington Beach Oil Field91, 163, 425, 426, E-392OrangeInformational
2019-06-2816Leonard Shaw and Judith B. Shaw, Trustees; et al.GL-Rectwo mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 7750 North Lake Boulevard, near Kings Beach8857.1PlacerRenewal
2019-06-2818Elaine-Maryse Solari, Trustee; et al.GL-Recpier, boat lift, boat hoist, and two mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 8453 Meeks Bay Avenue, near Meeks Bay7416.1El DoradoRenewal