Legislatively Granted Public Trust Lands

Each page contains a breadth of interesting information pertinent to that grant's public trust lands and assets, including boundary line agreements, a compendium of granting statutes, detailed statements of revenues and expenditures relating to that grant's trust lands and trust assets, and previous staff reports. These website pages are intended to enhance transparency and ensure that information about legislatively granted public trust lands is readily available.

These summaries have been prepared in an effort to highlight certain key elements relevant to the grants in an abbreviated format. These summaries are not exhaustive nor are they intended to replace the language found in the legislative granting statutes or other controlling materials. Although every effort has been made to avoid mischaracterization of the grants and the language contained in the granting statutes, any failure to do so is not binding or intentional.  Please refer to the applicable granting statutes directly for a more complete description of the legislation.