2011 Legislation

Seven bills were chaptered during 2011 that directly affect the Commission. These statutes became effective January 1, 2012, unless otherwise stated.

Chapter 585, Statutes of 2011 (SB 152, Pavley): Private Recreational Piers.

Chapter 585 repealed section 6503.5 of the Public Resources Code, which allowed rent-free use of state-owned land by certain private parties for their recreational piers. It further enacted a new section 6503.5, which provides that the Commission shall charge rent for a private recreational pier constructed on state lands.

Chapter 595, Statutes of 2011 (SB 595, Wolk): Abandoned Vessel Removal.

Chapter 595 amended section 6302.1 and enacted sections 6302.3 and 6302.4 of the Public Resources Code, to allow the Commission an administrative process by which it may identify, remove, and dispose of abandoned vessels, including immediate removal without notice if the vessel presents a hazard or public safety threat. Chapter 595 eliminates the necessity to pursue removal and disposal through litigation in the courts.

Chapter 583, Statutes of 2011 (AB 1112, Huffman): Oil Spill Prevention Administration Fund.

Chapter 583 increased the per barrel Oil Spill Prevention Administration Fund (OSPAF) fee to a maximum of 6.5-cents, from the current 5-centsstarting January 1, 2012 and ending January 1, 2015, at which time the fee would revert to a maximum 5-cents absent additional legislation. Chapter 583 also requires the Commission to submit a report by March 1, 2012 to the Governor and Legislature on regulatory action and recommendations related to offshore drilling safety. It also requires a report to the Governor and Legislature by January 1, 2013 on the Commission's financial basis and programmatic effectiveness related to oil spill prevention activities.

Chapter 485, Statutes of 2011 (AB 982, Skinner): Renewable Energy Program - School Lands Exchange.

Chapter 485 requires the Commission to enter into a memorandum of agreement by April 1, 2012, with the United States Secretary of the Interior to facilitate land exchanges that consolidate state “school lands” in the California desert into contiguous holdings that are suitable for large-scale renewable energy-related projects.  Chapter 485 also requires the Commission to submit a land exchange proposal within 240 days of the execution of the Memorandum of Agreement.

Chapter 477, Statutes of 2011 (AB 418, Ammiano): Pier 70 area exchange of trust lands; Seawall Lot 330; America's Cup.

Chapter 477 authorizes an exchange of lands currently held in trust by the City and County of San Francisco, and managed by the Port of San Francisco, at Pier 70.  The exchange would transfer lands suitable for public trust purposes into the trust, while removing those lands that are unsuitable for trust purposes from the encumbrance of the trust. Chapter 477 also terminates the state's public trust interest in Seawall Lot 330, provided certain conditions are met, in order to facilitate the hosting of the 34th America's Cup by the City in San Francisco Bay.

Chapter 422, Statutes of 2011 (SB 551, DeSaulnier): City of Pittsburg Statutory Trust Grant.

Chapter 422 repealed existing legislative grants to the City of Pittsburg and enacted a new grant to the City, including lands annexed on December 31, 2009.

Chapter 429, Statutes of 2011 (SB 860, Natural Resources and Water Committee): Hunters Point/Candlestick Point; Treasure Island; Naval Air Station Alameda Land Exchanges.

Chapter 429 made minor technical changes to current law enabling land exchanges as Candlestick/Hunters Point, Treasure Island and Naval Air Station Alameda to facilitate the productive reuse of these former military bases.

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