SB 50 - Federal public lands: conveyances.

Photo of the Pacific Flourite Mine by CSLC staff, Joe Fabel

On October 6, 2017, Senate Bill 50 (Allen) was signed into law, making certain federal land conveyances void unless the Commission is provided with a right of first refusal. If the Commission waives its right of first refusal, it shall issue a certificate of compliance. Without a certificate, a conveyance may not be recorded by any California county recorder's office.

The Commission must consider its right of first refusal at a public meeting. The right of first refusal does not apply to conveyances associated with a habitat conservation plan; lands conveyed into or out of trust for a federally recognized Native American tribe, lease renewals, and certain land exchanges.

SB 50 also requires the Commission, the Wildlife Conservation Board, and the Department of Fish and Wildlife to enter into a memorandum of understanding that establishes a state policy that the agencies will take all feasible efforts to protect against any future unauthorized conveyance or any change in federal public land designation, including any change in use, classification, or legal status of land designated as federal monuments under the federal Antiquities Act of 1906.

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