Next Commission Meeting - October 18, 2018 at 10 a.m.


aerial photo of the port of long beach

On or about September 17, 2018, the Commission, by and through its contractors and subcontractors, will be working on road maintenance and cutting back the overgrown foliage on the cliffside road below the Sandpiper Golf Course in Goleta, CA. The road where the work is occurring is adjacent to two orphaned wells that are on the beach, which is known as Haskell's Beach. The work is required prior to abandonment of the wells. The project will involve trucks, specialized equipment, and related activities on the road. No activities will occur on the beach, and there will be minimal interference with golfers and beachgoers.

  • Project activities will begin about 7 a.m. on Monday, September 17, and will be completed by 7 p.m. on September 28.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Please call or email if you have questions or concerns.

California State Lands Commission
Jeff Plank | (562) 577-6861

Beacon West
Bert VanSchoyck | (805) 961-2301

aerial photo of the port of long beach

On Tuesday, October 2, 2018, the Commission is holding an Environmental Justice roundtable meeting in Long Beach at the Westside Christian Church. Come learn about the role of the Commission in addressing environmental justice issues and lend your voice to help shape the draft environmental justice policy.

aerial photo of the port of long beach

The Commission held its August public meeting at the Port of Long Beach. The Mayor of Long Beach, Robert Garcia, welcomed the Commission and expressed the City's gratitude for its many years of collaborative work. Here is a snapshot of some of the significant Commission actions that occurred during the meeting.


The Wildlife Conservation Board, through the Lower American River Conservancy Program, is seeking high quality grant proposals for projects that restore, enhance, interpret, protect, or improve public access to the American River Parkway's natural, recreational, educational, and cultural resources. The Lower American River is a regional jewel in Sacramento County, stretching from Nimbus Dam in Folsom to the confluence with the Sacramento River at Discovery Park. For more information on the grant proposal solicitation, please visit the LARC Program web page.

Photo of the Delta with Mt. Diablo in the background by CSLC staff

We are excited to provide you with our revised draft Environmental Justice Policy and Implementation Plan. To comment, please e-mail or contact Sheri Pemberton at or (916) 574-1992 by Friday, September 14, 2018.

Photo of Martins Beach

The Commission is pleased to announce that a Martins Beach donation information sheet and form are now available.

Photo of a big boat on the river from the Delta Stewardship Council

The Delta Stewardship Council has posted the final report evaluating the feasibility of shore-based ballast water reception and treatment facilities in California.